Quarion posted this bit of info about a Dev Chat for European Players. I am sure they will enjoy not having to be up at 3am for a Dev Chat:
This Thursday, May 10th, Codemasters will be hosting a European Dev chat at 4pm Eastern . This will be a chance for our European players to pose their burning questions to the DDO developers from Turbine. Codemasters has graciously extended an invitation to DDO's North American players as well.
The chat will be hosted by the IRC chat site Dark Myst. To take part you can either log in to the IRC channel using an IRC client (like mIRC) or using the web based chat tool, which can be found at www.darkmyst.org.
If you are using your own IRC client, you will need to log onto the DarkMyst server found at irc.darkmyst.org and join channel #ddo-europe. If you choose to use the web based service, you will need to log in here and join the #ddo-europe channel.
Full details of the chat will be posted on www.ddo-europe.com on the day of the chat.