It's Monday and Samera has posted her weekly development activities:
These items are in QA and are scheduled for Update 4.1: Mark of the Dragon.

  • NEW - Resurrection Shrines now function in all ways like the Raise Dead spell. They will no longer drain the mana of a spellcaster that uses them, and restores people to life at 10% hit points rather than at 1 hit point. This is meant to address an imbalance between the effects of death for casters versus non-casters.
  • NEW - The Coin Lords have used a portion of their increased income from the Auction House to upgrade the elementals powering the teleporters in Stormreach. Each of the teleporters in the various House wards of the city now allow anyone using them to select their destination from any of the other teleporter locations in Stormreach.
  • Once upon a time there was a mighty warrior who had a love pure and true. But then his beloved disappeared and the mighty warrior flew into a rage. Where had the object of his passion gone? The warrior embarked upon a heroic quest to find his lost love. For an entire year the warrior searched without any sign of his beloved. And then one day.....could it be? Yet this was a different sort of love - the mighty warrior's beloved had changed, but it was his love still, and a great happiness filled the dazed warrior.
  • You can now /point at things that are farther away than 30 meters.

Quite a bit of new stuff on the list, so make sure you read on.