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Thread: INN Revival: Yserbius News

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    imagination profiles

    hey i had another question about the game for ya. when i copied the game files from my computer to my dads it gave him the option of playing on my profile, and he can see my character at level 0. so is there a way to copy my sisters profile to her new computer and play her character again? thanks

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    If you copy the MYCHARS.DAT and AUTOMAPS.DAT files from the YSERBIUS directory to her new computer, she will be able to access her character on the new computer.

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    I got in!

    Incredible! I went in the tav and first thing I did was hit Posts! LOL Just like old times...*wipes a tear*

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    cool pic

    hey that picture is pretty cool with the lighting effects, where did you find it vena?
    ok guys im 25 someone bring a barrol'o ale to the labrynth!

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    *Lugs a barrol'o ale to the labrynth for Tassox* There you go! Done! *wipes sweat from her cleavage with a small lace cloth*

    As for the Avatar I thought it was here, but I honestly can't remember! I hit so many websites all over the world's map that I'm loosing me mind!

    *flushed she smiles sweetly as she sips some ale*

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    Good to see ya
    Hav Knot said before YSUO closed down, he eat all your food... even the poisoned stuff...

    Hav ya heard from Haze lately?

    Take care, hope to see ya in the 'cano!

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    *Snaps whip* Miss ya!

    Well the last I saw of Haze was as Poseidon on a shard filled with harems galore! *eyes wide* He seemed busy with rl and don't forget he spends 3 months in Australia every year chasing aussie wenches hehe

    See ya in cano ^^

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    Well, I finally got this up and running today -- been meaning to for awhile now I did copy back over my original automaps/mychars from 94 so i have access to all my chars. It was great fun to romp around elf villages/dwarf area for awhile, and I actually saw another player in the SS tavern

    If a lot more people end up playing this it will be great fun.

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    Red face Can Slohand

    Hey Can slohand or Tiger send out a mass email to all on their list of innrival so many more will come? It was so awesome playing last night, hope more find their way there.

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    Sure can.... Will send that out this afternoon.
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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