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Thread: INN Revival: Yserbius News

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    INN Revival: Yserbius News

    Today is an important day for the ImagiNation Revival project. Finally, after many long months of work, all of the original INN "lands" are represented within the Revival server.

    As of a few moments ago, the initial testing of Yserbius functionality was completed. If you connect to the ImagiNation Revival server, you will now have the option to enter the Sword Swamp, from which you can enter the tavern or the volcano itself.

    Details on getting connected can be found at the ImagiNation Revival website.

    P.S.: Please keep in mind that Yserbius (and most other features of the server) are very much works in progress. There will be problems, and something you do will inevitably crash the server.

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    I was/am logged on. Fun fun. I got to level 1 and was killed by a gremlin cleric in Ys...dang gremlins!!! Gonna try something else. Nice work

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    It's been a great couple of days. At one point today there were 6 unique users logged on and running around the 'cano. It doesn't sound like much, but 6 is actually the most people that have been online at once.

    As I'm writing this there are 4 people in the 'cano. Two people have gotten Cleowyn's key tonight and a third is getting close.

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    That's friggen awsome!
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    My friend Sean and I were playing and I have to say it was amazing.

    A long time ago I played Yserbius, but due to no local preferred numbers and such I was no longer able to play. Then a day came when I stumbled on the standalone game for Yserbius and Twinion in an electronics/software/book store called Media Play.

    I came home and installed it and in my underage hey friend check this game out ways, I went to Sean's house and installed it on his PC, telling him of the days when many people played the game online.

    We longed, and I mean longed, for the day we could play the game online. We were never computer programmers, although we both work for software companies now, but we thought there had to be a way.

    A week ago we started playing Ruins of Cawdor as neither of us had played that. Sitting right next to each other playing the same game. Then yesterday we actually played Yserbius, partied and even got Cleowyn's key. Despite the fact that I died about 15 million times on the way there...Its a tough life for a wizard let me tell you..

    All in all, awesome simply awesome.

    10 years we thought about it, not a lot, but we did.. and here we are.


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    Good times

    10 years in waiting!!! Nice work guys

    Snake Thf (Lvl 11)

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    Wow I played in Yserbius back in the early 90's. My brother in law just told me yesterday about INNrevival. He and my sister meet online at INN back when they were both teenagers. Good time! I now have a level 11 barb names Need. If I can only remember how to do the quests.

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    I gave it a quick shot.. it was "dialing" though and could never connect. Apparently it still thinks I have a modem....or even a phone line for that matter.

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    I followed the instructions as listed on the website's Getting Online section and it worked perfectly, was in game within seconds and playing in the dungeon again.

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    Ah that pesky LSCI.CFG file... I know it well...

    Hey.. I died? Where's me Death Darts?

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