I’ve grown pretty leery of Hollywood and the movies it spews out with abandonment. It doesn’t seem to care about anything as they throw multi-million dollars at movies that do poorly, then sit back and wonder why. So they throw more money at a sequel. Such is the story of the first Fantastic Four. It did “OK” by movie standards. Didn’t really break any records and defiantly didn’t win any awards.

So, here we are another FF movie. I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the story that unfolds in this one. Marvel really didn’t keep any of the plot lines under wraps. But just in case, let’s go over them real quick. The FF, newly reformed and sponsored by every kind of commercial brand out there, they want to settle down and enjoy a normal life. Enter the Surfer who promptly ends any kind of normalcy. Turbulence ensues, Doom returns and then Galactus shows up to destroy the world because he’s hungry, duh!

Ben “Thing” Grimm (played by Michael Chiklis) is awesome in this go around. Down to the nitty-gritty, tough guy with a huge heart and sense of humor, he steals just about every scene he's in. Frankly, he could have carried the movie all by his lonesome. Ok, well, maybe not, Sue Storm (played by Jessica Alba) would need to be kept in there cuz well, she’s hot. Anyway, that’s about it for the leads. Let’s take a look at the Surfer. Awesome, hands down. I was pleased with the way he turned out. I was kind of worried when I heard Laurence Fishburne was going to be his voice, but I was happy with the results. Galactus on the other hand…. Oh boy. If you clicked on the link above, you’ll know what he’s supposed to look like in the Marvel world. How does he stack up in this one? Storm cloud… Giant… Celestial Storm cloud. When I heard that he was going to be cloud, moving through space I was instantly turned off by the movie. Any faith, (wait, I didn’t have any) I had in Hollywood evaporated like clouds in the Arizona sun. After seeing the movie however, as much as I want to hate the movie because of that, I don’t. In fact, if you watch the scenes with the cloud well enough, I suspect, like me, you’ll begin to see nods, suggestions and slight little things that scream Galactus is indeed here. I was VERY pleased with the slightness, the hints the cloud had that stayed true to the comics. It was well done indeed.

So overall. Better then the first one, but again not spectacular. I’d be interested to see what they can pull off for a 3rd movie. Two and a Half Katana’s for this summer flick. Next up, Ratatouille, Live Free or Die Hard and Transformers. Autobots, Roll out!