Another movie down and out. This one, the 5th book in the Harry Potter series titled The Order of the Phoenix, the supposedly largest book in the series. So how does it stack up with the little over two hour movie? Let’s review.

The movie starts out with a big plot point that sets the tone for the rest of the movie. The aftermath is the shattering of Hogwarts into factions, or as I like to think of them, “Gangs”. The biggest gang, Harry’s bunch, trains to protect themselves from the Dark Lord, AKA Alien Face and in the midst of training, get ratted out. Revolution breaks out shortly after and of course the climax of the film pits Harry against the Dark Lord.

I really wanted to like this movie because of the trailer’s I’ve seen. It promised lots of action but failed to deliver and I have a hard time not comparing it to the last movie, The Goblet of Fire. But because the last movie was probably one of the best ones along with the fact that it had so much action, that kept you interested, this one really couldn’t stack up. The climax was a big let-down and left me wanting more and not more in a good way, like having-to-wait-Lord-of the-Rings-more, rather a "Hey I was robbed!" more.

My only saving grace, for enjoying the movie as much as I did, was probably the fact that I have not read the book. It wasn’t a bad movie, it was watch-able but it didn’t stack up to all the hype, which was a big disappointment. About the coolest part of the movie were the battle scenes at the end. And I have one question left over, WHAT the HELL is up with just DROPPING main characters half way through the movie? Remember my review of Transformers how I couldn’t figure out what happened to the scientist lady? Same thing happens here with Cho half way through the movie, she disappears without so much as a reason.

Over all, a poor two Katana’s. Rowling needs to get a grip on those Hollywood Narguls before they ruin her books.