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Thread: Why's the Bailey's Gone????

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    Why's the Bailey's Gone????

    Ok someone better fess up !

    Where's my Bottle of the cream????

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    Navic probably drank it all.... although.... Since we're talkin Bailey's here, I'd prolly say... Uh, I did...
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    Shammy... did you drink it all already? (grins)

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    I didn't see it <hic> but I'll let ya know if I... <Zzzzz....>

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    (a voice from the shadowy back wall)"Well Hello Navic, long time no see friend"

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    <Walks thru the door just as Navic's head hits the table falling asleep and takes a look around> Greeting all, This looks like a good place to hold up for the night. The Names McDugen (AKA: Allanon) good to meet all you folks. Has been far to long since I have been back to the Misty Hollow and by the looks of things <nudging his head Navic's way> The tavern is doing well as always <Grins>

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