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Thread: Any of you remember GoT and Dragon/Ghondar/Rain?

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    Any of you remember GoT and Dragon/Ghondar/Rain?

    Any of you know any information to contact any of those three people? I've been trying to find anything I could for a long time but I keep coming up with nothing. I'm sure some of you remember them..and you should remember me. If not, you must have been a newbeh ;p

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    Nope... Though if you do find them, send them my way too... I used to see Crunch on ICQ, but haven't in ages...
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    Dunno who 'Crunch' was..I've forgotten most of the quiet players..the ones I remember the most are the ones who made an impact on things. The three in particular I mentioned, were probably some of the first online friends I ever made and it's sentimentalism that makes me want to find them again..that and..curiousity..stupid AT and T took away so much of this community ;x

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