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Thread: Where's the party

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    Where's the party

    ok, this tavern is way tooo quiet man. We need to lure some people back here with something, hmm.. <scratches head>

    Perhaps we can hire some female friendlies to join in some pooltime games, and load up the tavern with kegs of ale and a bard to liven up the atmosphere? Hmm.. dunno what to tempt the women to return, but certainly an attractive Barb such as myself would be reason enough to visit <grin>

    Hmm.. I recall a fella handing me the 'deed' to Evil Way a long while back but I'm certain it must been a fake, for it is written in crayon.

    Nonetheless, I'd love to hear a bit of noise comin' from this place again. Even if it's drunken barbs falling off their stools or men being thrown out the window in barfights. Make some noise people!

    harr! <raises a glass and toasts to the chaotic golden olden days>

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    <enters the nearly empty tav> Hey ShoeHorn, howz business? Reck'n I can get these pitchers filled? <slides the pitchers down the bar> Ya hear 'bout Cyren? <starts to search the tav hi-n-low> This knucklehead by the name Priory up and took her outta the MH tav... believe that? <completes his search and tosses a few gold on the bar> Have a good one bud... take care!

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    Cobble Job

    *glides into the Evil Way tavern stirring the air with scents of sandlewood and clove. Slapping a leather quirt against a worn table, attention is sought, service required.*

    "Shoehorn? SHOEHORN? SHOOOOOEHOOOOORN!?!" *ever sharper cracks of leather on wood punctuates each ever louder call*

    "Hmmm... could it be he saw me coming? I'm sure the Heraldry Hall incident was forgotten years ago. There was really no one that would have passed that little tiltillating tale of terror on, well... no one that COULD have... actually. I'm being silly. There's no need to send Kattah and Dexbramah on a room by room search. Yet."

    *frowning at the tattered pair as they sniffed at broken flower petals in a refuse pot*

    "I'll give the barb with the talent for cobbling ten minutes. *sets an ornate sand filled bauble on the table, turning it upside down and taking a seat to watch it.*

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    Mourninglory: Amnesia Victim. Finds herself in the Evil Way tavern sitting across from a woman redolent of sandlewood, clove, and oiled leather. She has no memory of coming here. On her shoulder sits a parrot, its claws dig in to her colorful silk scarves which is all she wears under a drab brown cloak. Bells tinkle from around her wrists and ankles as she nervously shifts in the hard wooden chair. Henna creates elaborate designs on the palms of her hands, the Eye of Horus, she knows this - yet she knows not how. Six parts has the Eye, each part representing a sense - touch, taste, hearing, thought, sight, and smell. Energy must be eaten by the eye in order for an individual to receive a sensation. She is the summoned of the woman across from her. Through her, energy is absorbed and given back tenfold to whom bestowed her life upon her.

    "Well the parrot is an interesting touch. I suppose its abilities will lie in the realm of mimicry."

    A leather quirt raises Mourninglory's downbent chin up. Green eyes glow at her with an unsettling delight.

    "One never knows how magicks of this sort will turn out. Look at all the toads I've had to carress in order to find the ones I've made. Still haven't found one! Hard times, how I do toil for such little reward. Go about your life, Mourninglory. Do what you've been born to do.

    Laughter is stopped eventually with the tip of the quirt slapping at a bat crawling by.

    "Be free, for you are mine."

    Rising to her feet, Mourninglory jingles and sways, finding her warm flesh restrictive. The parrot resettles itself and says "Now see here doll, flim flammin' is what we're about. Bumpin' gums to the milk and egg man when he comes to blow his wad on a new career as a boozehound - that's the boob we're after. Yea. SQUAWK!"

    The woman motions for Mourninglory to move away from her table, saying:

    "Now, from here on out, you'll forget what you never knew. You are now the younger sister of a fearsome pirate, the parrot was a gift. Your parents are farmers. They raise turnips. No one will question any of that. You are to take what opportunities arise. And flash that eye around abit. I'll be collecting its food."

    Mourninglory: Sister of a fearsome pirate, daughter of turnip farmers. Came to the Evil Way tavern from the village of Dagwood, after her fearsome pirate brother stopped by for a visit from the Seas of Inequity where he brought her the lastest attire for up and coming veil dancers.

    -hello? Is the owner of this tavern about? I seek a job. It's either hoeing or dancing. I seem to know both.-

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    "Whats with all the racket? Sheesh" <ShoeHorn enters from the backroom, surprised to see the two women in the tavern>

    "Well, well... THREE women visitin me in one day, this is quite a surprise! BOM! Get our guests something to drink!" <from a dark corner a motionless machine comes to life and walks forward towards LadyChina>

    "So, to what do we owe the honor of your visit?" <notices Lilly is not in sight, wonders if she had gone upstairs or stepped outside>

    <spots the two creatures moving around a garbage pail> "Yeeks! What the devil..." <gets a broom with the intention of sweeping them away, before noticing two golds on the bar>

    "Nice... is this from you?" <picks the golds up, Navic's patronage going unnoticed due to his quick in-and-out whilst I worked away tirelessly in the backroom> "..ooh, and nice whip too might I add, hehe. Kinky"

    <hears a bit of stirring in the kitchen> "Umm, just a moment..." <goes to investigate. A moment later some sort of growling is heard and the clattering of pots and pans falling to the floor>"Gimme that, damn mutt! Give it to me!! I said give it!." <more racket is heard as the two struggle together> " FINE! Fine, you can have it.. But, but that's the last free meal you'll get! hmph, I'll deal with you later! Bad dog!"

    <Walks back out to the frontroom looking a bit dissheveled, attempting to straighten my clothes.> "Well, I'm going to have to get the animal control people involved soon, if this continues!"

    <turns to Mourninglory> "Now whats this I hear about hoeing..? I'm sure you realize the land outside is a bit.. um.. stone dry? Still, business here is pretty slow so if you like, you could combine your talents and step outside and do a dancing hoedown in the fields." <chuckles> "That should be interesting to watch.. and who knows, might be worthwhile if it draws some male patrons to the bar here. Tell me, would you work on commission?" <winks>

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    Kinky is as kinky does.

    *raising a haughty eyebrow at the disheveled barb, the quirt absently slapped at silk skirts creating a somehow wet sound.*

    "This is hardly a whip, darling. A proper whip is at least as long as you are tall, thick, yet slick enough to cut the air with an agile arm to guide its strike."

    *One final slap at silken skirts, a satisfied half-smile at the paling barb, and negotiations were begun.*

    "I understand that you've a talent for leather working. I want you to craft the finest pair of boots you've ever beheld. No.... let me give you a greater challenge. I want you to craft the finest pair of boots I've ever beheld."

    *laying a large cloth wrapped bundle on the table next to her, deft fingers smoothed away knots, exposing a flat pile of cured skins that gleamed black yet had hints of the stars in the night sky.*

    "The hide of a full grown black dragon. They're found in swamps, as you may know. Its best not to ask how it came to be that the dragon no longer required his hide. Well, as dragons go they're selfish and stupid. No great sacrifice was required to gain the gift of the hide. Just a bit of thinking."

    *pulling a smaller bundle from an inner cloak pocket, it revealed the red fur of a manticore.*

    "Line the boots with this. And be careful how you use it. I spent three nights answering riddles before finding the opportunity to relive the pesky creature of its outer layer. The only magical creatures that should be allowed to use the ploy of "riddle me this, and riddle me that" is the sphinx. Traditions count. Don't you agree?"

    *glancing up, she caught the barb looking from her to the exotic supplies, back to her, opening his mouth, shaking his head, biting his lip, and finally nodding.*

    "These are to be men's boots. A good foot in length at the sole. And, *a soft chuckle* do use the entire 12 inches contained in a true foot measurement. I've no egos to appease with embelished statistics. Knee high when folded down three inches. The inner red of the manticore fur will look divine against the gleam of the black dragon hide."

    *two bats began to climb her skirts, in an unusual act of mercy she picked them both up and placed a kiss on the top of their small round heads, they shrieked a pleased batty note and folded their wings around solid bodies, craddled in the curve of one arm.*

    "Now you've heard my requirements. What are yours for this service? And no, the gold you recently found wasn't from my purse. I pay for excellence, what is it that you desire?"

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    <looks at the bats clinging to LadyChina, scratches head> "Um.. you take a liking to rodents do ya? Odd.. just um.. make sure they dont go scurrying about the tavern and makin holes in the wall, okay?"

    "Now, about these boots.. I imagine you must fancy someone special to go to such lengths to retrieve these materials" <runs fingers across the red fur>

    "Wages.. wages.. hmm"

    <rubs chin, lookin around tavern. The place does need a good tending to, but repairs can be made to cracks and holes and broken windows with a bit of hard labor. No need for money to be spent there.>

    "Well, I can surely craft those boots for you, but it might be a bit.."

    <thinks to self, looking the woman up and down, then gets a chill up my spine as I start to realize there is something not quite.. natural about her>

    "Well, I'm not sure you can afford to pay me rightly for this pair of boots you require. But, I suspect you know of different ways of paying that deal not with gold and silver but of other hmm.. unnatural things." <winks>* So, let me give you a brief rundown of things of value this here place is in need of, and we'll talk about the makings of footwear..."

    "Evil Way tavern has gotten a bit rundown after years of neglect, and there are a few things that it needs to bring it back to its former glory. See, the well has nearly run dry, the land outside is bare and dry, no garden nor grass grows there. And animals for food, where are they? Surely where the grass grows, not here! And what's left on the inside is scraps of food and well, look at the empty kegs of ale laying about."

    "So, I ask of you, what services can you give me in return, that will make this craft a worthy pursuit"

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    "So you yearn for verdant foilage, eh? And animals to graze upon it. Water for your crops. You wish to turn this Evil Way into an Eden.

    *laughs disconcertingly*

    "You'll need a snake if you're to have your Eden, barb. Its a tradition, and I've already mentioned how I treasure them."

    *glancing at a barefoot woman who'd stopped at the bottom of the stairs to exam an obvious blister, she continued* "I'll find a way to bring water back to your land, you'll have to find the natural species of plants that will grow most quickly and give you the harvest you desire."

    *nodding and slapping the quirt sharply down on a table, causing everybody to jump, and one to fall - the proclamation was made. "We have a deal, Shoehorn."

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    <ponders, envisioning a garden of Eden as LadyChina talks, then spots Eve, erm.. no.. Lilly moving around by the staircase, her body aglow with a beam of light thats found its way in through a cracked window.>

    "Well, I'll be.." <realizes just then that a full night has passed by, turns to see the morning light pouring in through the windows>".. time slips by so quickly. 'mornin Lilly"

    <begins walking towards her, and loses footing at the sound of a whip snapping down on a table, and clumsily falls to the floor>

    "Ow.. err.. right, LadyChina, a deal we have." <lays on the floor for a while, the exhaustion from lack of sleep beginning to take over> zzzz

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    ::jumps at the sound of leather snappin' an a barb fallin' ta the floor. Watchin' the leather snappin' lady walk out a the tavern with little bats in her arms, Lilly thought did them batty critters have petals on their little mouths? Hmm... I never thought a sellin' ta the pet lovin' crowd. Make a note of it, girl! Like yer da used ta tell ya "a good salesman be doin' it ta line his pockets, a great salesman be doin' it fer the good a the customer!"
    That lady an' those batty things need me petals as bad as any I met, prolly more!::

    Well I'll jus' be steppin' over ya, Shoehorn. On the other hand, since ya fell face down, I 'spose I could give ya one a them there massages I learned about on a lil' trip I took ta the the down under land a Snog.

    ::stretchin' out her arms side ta side, Lilly walk'd up an down on the snorin' barb's back, bare toes curlin' into hard muscle::

    Oh, yer a tense one. Ya need ta learn ta relax!

    ::noticin' a confused lookin' lass standin' around in a cloak, Lilly asked if she could borrow it ta put under the barb's cheek which was pressed so hard ta the floor that drool was runnin' out his pushed open mouth. She missed her footin' and fell off her perch on his back when the lass handed over the cloak revealin' a bunch a scarves fer a dress.::

    errr... yer not gonna ummm well I can see yer cold already. Oh... dancin' and hoein'?

    ::she listened a bit::

    Ya, well I dunno bout the dancin' but the hoein' be a useful talent fer when I find a spot ta start a nursery fer me best sellin' petals. Soon as I find some fertile ground ta plant me roots in, I'll hire ya. Whats yer name? Mourninglory. HA. Thats an interestin' name. Morning Glories be one a me favorite flowers fer plantin'. They're easy ta care for, they cling ta anythin', an' did ya know that there's one sort called a Moonflower that only blooms at night?

    ::Liftin' Shoehorn's head off a the floor, she slide the cloak into the small puddle a drool an under his bruisin' cheek::

    I figured that fall was gonna leave a mark. Oh well, he's a barb. Sure'an he's had worse. I guess me dream an' what I 'memebered will jus haf ta wait. Meantime, how's about some breakfast, Mourninglory?

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