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Thread: Empiriana

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    Nice to see a few people interested at least. I think it would be nice to have the server back up and running in any capacity just to go hang over there now and again. I think somehow word would slowly get around to a few people and they would drift over there. I will try to contact Mac and see what is happening. It may be a while though. Somehow we tend to get in contact with each other when we both have some down time and see each other on XBox live. Be nice to get a small party of old timers on and roam the stomping grounds heh. I will post here when I hear something. Macros nor I have lost the desire to put the game back online so do not give up hope quite yet.

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    Hey Beamer i can send out a mass email to Yserbius Members if you guys decided to set up the server again. While it will probably not find all your former Empiriana Members it should reach a few of them. Just let me know will be glad to help... Slohand

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    empiriana is coming back? :O

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    Thanks for the interest and the offer Slo. I have not talked with Macros yet. Hope to catch up with him before too long. When I do I will tell him that people are interested in seeing Empiriana back up. Keep the requests up and I am sure that will help motivate him. It may not be a high tech game but it was home for some people. It would be nice to have it there to hang out. I know I miss seeing all the familiar players.

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    i remember before it went down for a while in 2009 (earlier?) you all had said you were working on a massive patch with new levels and whatnot. what did that all entail?

    also, what was gonna hide behind the midnight door?

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    I had finished an add on of sorts. Most of the players would never had noticed it though. It involved the completion of a hidden quest line. We had pretty much finished testing and had yet to patch the system. It was a very difficult quest but there were a few who had found a bunch of the hints already. There was some other stuff finished as well but I would have to run back though it to refresh my memory. I recall some new stomping grounds material. As for a massive patch...I had laid out and done quite a bit of work on the new areas which would have covered quite a large area as well ending a story line of one main bad guy. We never did get back to working on finishing that section. Obviously we are not making a living from Irealms any longer and have both moved off in different directions as far as work is concerned. But when we do talk, we both agree that we would like to see Emp back up and maybe even flesh out some things for it. I will get a hold of Mac sooner or later and I will certainly let him know that people are interested. I think it would be a blast to get on Emp again and see how we fare in the stomping grounds again.

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    yeah, last i remember i had my main parked in the hidden map. there was a locked door saying something like "congratulations for finding this" and how the map would be opened soon. was this indicative of just not finding another hidden aspect to it to bypass this door? cuz i just interpreted it as "you found all of the hidden clues but we just didn't implement the next part yet"

    i would like to run an emp server but the last time i asked i was told that it would require ridiculously arcane configurations and wouldnt be worth the time heh

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    you guys restored the server last year for a couple weeks or so, but then it went down again for good. what happened there?

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    What is it going to take to get Empiriana back up? Am I going to have to bring another 2 six-packs of Heinekens over to properly "motivate" you and Mac?!! -) I actually still have the driving instructions to that locale in Dana Point!

    Yeah, different computer so I don't have the client anymore. Who knows, I may find the hard drive stored away and copy it to a USB drive! -)

    You never know who is lurking on these boards!


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    Still working on getting a hold of Macros. Sooner or later our paths will cross. May take a while but I am sure it will happen.

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