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Thread: Empiriana

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    holy fuck


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    My goodness. Macros, thank you for coming here to share with us. Is there anything we can do for family or friends?

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    Macros, Condolences for your, Beamer's family and Empriana's loss. Beamer was a well respected member here on if there is anything we can do. I have issued a mass email notifying all our members of his passing and make a post for him on the wall of Yserbius Memorial

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    Oh man. I remeber him fondly. Im so sorry Macros. He will be missed.

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    Spell and I are so sad to hear this news. Please pass on condolences to his family from all of us here!

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    with beamer passed on, is empiriana lost to time?

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    Sad news I came across this thread when I just tried to install and launch Empirana (still have the login info memorized)

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    Well I hope all is not lost, I have emailed Mac but no reply.. he did email and tell me about Dave..very sad indeed.. maybe when he gets free time he will restart emp in memory of Beamer..

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