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Thread: The Walkthrough

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    The Walkthrough

    What is the walkthrough referring to when it says stuff like. Go to A11. Teleport to C4.. What does that mean?

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    There are maps with keys to locations somewhere... I believe their still in a zip file here on the website somewhere. Or, if nothing, there still up in a google search.
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    The INN Revival

    Oh cool. Thanks

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    The Walkthrough

    Is not as easy to find as it used to be. Don't lose the one we have here in help hall as it's almost the last one out there.

    If you look for maps or walkthroughs you'll find bits and pieces but not the whole thing UNLESS you look for something like "Red Gem Quest" then you can find directions in Google.

    If it gets lost again I'll personally be happy to replace it with mine from here and elsewhere!!! It's too hard to remember how to do everything from "blank memory"! ROFL

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