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Thread: Lady seeks news of lovers/enemies - which are you?

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    I remember prying my sister out of the clutches of Bourne!


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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyChina View Post
    Thyrm - oh my god, I LUST after him still aka Lord Graak

    Shaman - because I'm not dead yet.

    Anybody else that remembers Lady China, Avalonia, Asrielle, Visage, Blacksun, Ensaneti all of whom were housed within me. Plus some! ;p
    Aye m'lady ~ I remember you well ~ although not always with great fondness. LOL! I had a fascination of Balor that I just could not keep in bounds at times ~ as well as Thyrm and Jachyra. *chuckles* Actually, I was frequently lusting after all of them. And SHAMAN *recalling the mysterious and frightening ~ but seductive ~ character in the hockey mask* I do recall him well and the phone call I received from him at 3am. I *almost* agreed to meet him in the real, but in the end was too afraid. {{sighs}} Who knows what would have come of that? Hmmmm ~ perhaps I saved myself from dismemberment. {{shudders}}

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    Does anyone know the whereabouts of HAL? He and Gamesman used to have at it quite a bit...

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    lookie here

    Good ole Gamesman, whatever happened to that bastage?

    It's been a long time folks. I'm still around though. Didn't even know this site existed.

    KOY was my first guild you know. Lord Grakk was my character before I found the dark side. Well, I was in EXCALIBUR with Sir Kilyin as well. But nothing could compare to being a Merc. Those were the days.

    Ah, the memories.

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    I know a thing or two about crazies.

    Quote Originally Posted by LadyChina View Post
    Anybody else that remembers Lady China, Avalonia, Asrielle, Visage, Blacksun, Ensaneti all of whom were housed within me. Plus some! ;p
    I guess I qualify.

    Lady China was a dangerous rocket booster mix of estrogen and insanity. Always starting fights, never finishing them. Balor was a saint. How many times did she nose her way into merc related meetings? BOOT!

    Ensaneti was a bitter, bitter hag. You roleplayed a grumpy ex wife! At least to me. Wow, what a stretch. That is like Benicio del Toro winning an oscar for playing a mexican. What a stretch! Real talent!

    Avalonia was the dearest, to me, of your delusional creations. Oh, to be a fly on that wall, now! Created for me, destroyed for you? Did she live before me? After?

    I never did figure out what happened to her. Surely I can google up a journal full of stream of consciousness poetry and wiccan rock band lyrics to tell the tale, but I'd rather hear it directly from you.

    Email is always open.

    First Thyrm, now me? You must be beside yourself having real men around lately.

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    No, Avalonia did not survive after your tender care in Ultima Online. I don't know about the wiccan poetry, but I do try to maintain at least a toe in the stream of Conciousness. I miss you.

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    Ah yeah I remember a few of these names, Balor, Thyrm, Ironhorse, Bourne.
    I was Sir Dirk, and Balok (which BTW had me arguing with Balor over LOL) and Hugo. cheers to all <downs an ale>

    Sir Dirk was oddly enough a ranger who was betrothed to Queen Cherub of Royal Order of Chivalry when he was young, Balok was a Knight who did a stent in the MERCS although not sure why as chaos was never my way LOL. Hugo was a solo barbarian holding allegiance to noone.

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    Ah Sword Swamp forever

    Anyone remember me, Hunter from there? I was "married" to Jessica...still miss her a lot. Miss the game a lot, miss a lot of my friends from back then and some enemies too

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    I remember Nosferatu and a few of the other names. It has been so long I hardly remember all the names I used back then or the clan I was in. All I remember was that Wampir was are arch-enemy our Leaders name was Paladin and One of my characters was named Lorik as for anything else I draw a blank. But am glade to see all you folks that I might have come across back then.

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