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Thread: Lady seeks news of lovers/enemies - which are you?

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    Lady seeks news of lovers/enemies - which are you?

    Cross the Cutter - thief, Sword Swamp

    Trader Vic - an annoying bastard, Sword Swamp


    Thyrm - oh my god, I LUST after him still aka Lord Graak

    Darkprince - Red Hot Chili Peppers still to hip for you, oldster?

    Shaman - because I'm not dead yet.

    AssassinTMG - the first man to ever asked me to marry him and then tell me I smelled like a tunafish sandwich. And the last, come to think of it.

    Nosferatu - King of the Wampir, partner of my Ensaneti.

    Warlord aka FLASH. Oh....see how long my memory is?

    Anybody else that remembers Lady China, Avalonia, Asrielle, Visage, Blacksun, Ensaneti all of whom were housed within me. Plus some! ;p

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    Oh, I remember ye alright, and I can't say always fondly... nor that mongrel you drug around on the leash... what was his name? Balor was it? Yes, indeed that was it! Balor, Thyrm/Graak.. and whatever other rabble, always disrupting me weddings. Have you any idea how much alcohol I invested to get those ladies to the altar?

    Anyways, I'd just as soon drop the whole lot of 'em into the pit of fire...

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    <Laughing at Bourne's post> Thyrm was a bit of a strange one, but funny and witty. He and I got along well, I think 'cause most nights we were both 3 sheets to the wind, and I was the only one in Mercs as drunk as he was. I remember many, many mornings when his first words to me were "Did I throw anybody out of the Mercs last night?"
    LadyChina, I remember you, and Balor, and of course Thyrm, and lessee if this is a bit of a "blast from the past" for ya... How's about TRAITOR? Remember that name from the swamps?

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    WOw Graak thats brings back memories,, i seem to remember Graak when he was hanging with Delilah. Wow so many names coming back to me now.. Slo

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    The energy I put in to pleasing you would be in direct proportion to the fondness that you remember me with, darling. I don't think I need to say more. It wasn't a leash that I was dragging Balor around by.

    *smiles winsomely*

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    *looks adoringly at Lady China*

    I just love her so much. I really do.


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    Well ya do have one thing right... ya don't need to say anything more. :P *Mutters under his breath* Mouthy wenches...

    Guess that's why Balor's nickname was "stretch"... poor fellow.

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    (steps out from the shadows of the pillar, downs mug of ale) You will find a fond message of thee from me elsewhere in this forest. Friend or lover? well, at the time of our friendship, I didn't need another lover, nor did you if I remember correctly m'lady..... only so many hours in a day.... but clerics need to talk.... as do "proper ladies"(trying not to laugh), but we did have some interesting conversations if you do remember me.... not alot but funny.... I have finally found home, or is it? So much changes when you are gone for so long... I have traveled the Forests outside of the cano and yet I wonder why I feel so..... disconnected when I have come home...

    I shall see you yet again, sooner I hope, when you are not so busy...
    (walks towards the door and opens it) Fare thee well M'Lady China, it has been too long I fear.. (steps out and disappears)

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    Hrm i had a character named Bane and i was in some sort of vampire guild ,
    wow its been so long i think iremember lady china tho , heh this is great now if i could just get my DL of yserbius to work ..

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    Looks like Balor and Thrym are still around if you check the members list, though the site seems to be sorely out of date.

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