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Thread: Whatever happened to...

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    Well most of mine ended with an appendage or part cut off... some times several in a night.

    Gath playing guitar... lol. Never think he was a "bad" guy but in-game he certainly lacked social skills. Maybe he was a Romeo behind the scenes... who knows? I never much delved into the personal realm with players save for a few.

    Sombra - grown up? I didn't know you were ungrown back then.

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    No one remembers us cept.. well us.. we are the old.. the infirm.. the forgotten!! Now I gotta go back to my therapist...<wolfish grin>

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    Even my therapist wouldn't remember if'n I didn't grab her arse as a firm reminder every visit... there ARE some advantages to being a dirty old geezer, y'know.

    Good to see you.

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    lol I think maybe 2 or 3 folks realized I was 18 for a couple of years at least

    but I suppose age and "grown up" could be considered two different things

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    Enemies, eh, Bournie?

    Can't say I e'er considered you one of those. A nuisance, maybe. Certainly an eyesore...

    Now, Sly... let me know if that little thievin' pile o' dung sets foot in this place! I think I owe 'im a beheadin' or two...

    Complete and total waste of tavern space, that one is...

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    Hmm...wonder if Lady Anne was the same LadyAnne I partnered with in Empiriana and 4th Coming. Lost touch with her about 2 years ago, and the email address I had bounces back to me now. (She was a Black Widow, if I recall correctly.)

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    ROFL.... Hey, of course I'm an eyesore. I never claimed to be one of them spitshiny knightboys. All that time they spend polishing their armor and lookin' at themselves in the mirror. Well.. sorta leaves their ladies a bit lonely if'n ya know what I mean. *winks lewdly*

    Don't take long for a grizzled onld codger like myself to look good to them.... then they are mine. For awhile. Just tell 'em what they wants ta hear and make 'em feel like none other. And when their knight comes back, he thinks that twinkle in their eye is just the reflection of his fancylad armor, but their thoughts are of a barbarian long since gone.

    I see your fire for Sly hasn't died a bit... I shall make it a point to get him here.

    Er.... (realizes he has no idea where Sly is)

    Yea... I will.

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    Sly and Tal are still around. But I aint real popular with them these days. I'll see if I can get a link to them through a neutral party ;)

    The Artist Once Known as BloodCelt

    Basterni - Pouncing Pwny - Landroval - LOTRO
    Basterni - No Means No - Kaas City - SW:TOR
    Basterni - Titans Fleet - STO

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    I do understan' what yer sayin', Bournie... I guess the ladies 'roun' here must get mighty lonely ta do that. Clearly, a result of my not bein' aroun'.

    As fer Sly... I've had a long time to think abou' him, and other'n someone to pass off all the less... comely ladies ta, ne'er have come up with any value there. Li'l runt like him can't be too picky, after all.

    An' as fer you, Blood... I've held a lot of respect fer you now for a lotta years. Knowin' yer not popular with the lesser folk only makes me see why. I hope good fortune's found ya!

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    Elkhorn, have you been in Empiriana at all?

    Yer name sounds familiar however I don't believe it's from the 'cano... though I've been wrong plenty o times before!

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