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Thread: Three Boxing Wow

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    Three Boxing Wow

    Or so to speak, I built a new PC last month for my birthday and it has plenty of muscle. so i decided to three box or use one PC to run 3 wow acccounts at once.

    I bought a program called Game Commander Pro. for 30 bucks and walla it works perfectly. i created 3 shamans and it is really a blast. I plan on buying 2 more wow setups and trying to 5 box on one PC. Going to upgrade my RAM to 8 gigs before i do that (currently running 4)

    I use two monitors and a DUAL SLI setup with some older GTS 8800 cards. I am looking to switch to a dual crossfire and run two Radeon 4850's or 4870, this will allow me to run up to 6 monitors.

    And yes i am still working on YS 2 as time allows, thus the reason i needed a new PC, The new game engine needed more than i had. enough of that will save that for another topic later.

    Just wanted to let everyone know what i was playing with in WOW. I also have a brand new collectors addition Aion package i havent installed yet. and i have a Warhammer game i havent installed either. Will continue to play wow a little longer since i found a new way to play.

    I have a 80 hunter (Survival spec) and a 80 Warrior (Protection spec) with 34,000 unbuffed health, a Gnome lol.

    Will post more..... Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend.


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    3 boxing wow

    Now that is amazing! You just gave me a bunch of ideas! Happy belated birthday! Thank you for all you do.

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    yea Vena 3 boxing puts a whole new spin on playing the same ole game. I have all the hot keys setup so i heal my guys as needed and of course lighting from all of them at once rules. i have it set up so i can lay down all the totems at once with a click, all of them fire totems working at onces is a blast to watch lol..

    thanks for the belated wishes, Glad to see you on board

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