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Thread: Spell effects per level and other misc theory

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    Spell effects per level and other misc theory

    1) Has anyone assembled a spreadsheet (or something similar) that posts the cost and effect of spells at certain levels?

    I actually started to make one - but obviously it would be nicer to get an existing spreadsheet / document.

    2) Also some spells are really hard to figure out due to lack of info in the console. For example at least in SOY - poison cloud produces no info. So its very difficult for me try to to estimate the damage it does per turn. Also I have no idea if it is immediately effective or doesn't "hit" until the next turn.

    3) Shield spell is similar (but a bit easier to approximate). While I'm talking about the shield spell, is it a bug that it doesn't take effect immediately? Shield does not work until the next round. It's annoying when most of the other spells I cast take effect instantly.

    4) Is there any documentation on what classes get what spell at certain levels? Does race affect this?

    5) Information on approximate health / mana / dexterity / attribute / skill points gained per level per class? Just from some simple testing, the health / mana / dexterity seem to follow a sort of plot - but have a random element attached to them. So you could make a say Dwarf Barbarian and get your char to level 3, and then make another and get it to level 3 and compare and their health / mana / dexterity would be different.

    However comparing my level 3 barbarian to a lvl 3 knight, the barbarian clearly has more health, dex, and less mana. So it has a range or so that it adds (decided randomly).

    6) Other related information along these lines. I can't be the first person who has ever wondered this.

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    Navic at one time was working on this perhaps send him a PM and see what he has.


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    Thanks for the heads up slohand.

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    I lost most of my stat sheets in the crash of 09 sorry

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    I am working on this.
    (I am doing this for Shadow of Yserbius(SOY))

    I got Mana cost for most spells up to spell level 8(soon up to max level(12))
    I got damage for most attack spells up to level 8(soon up to max level(12))

    I am wroking on weapons skills, athletics and other skills, that have diffrent bonuses per skill level...

    I am allso working on a Experience table for all classes(only have until about 10th level right now), and working on what skills/Spells the classes learn at what level..

    Allso looking at Dexterity(damage) gain per level for classes, Health gain per level and mana gain per level..

    And more...

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