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Thread: Eep! ;p

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    Eep! ;p

    <Grabs SK's keg and slaps a few pink bows in his beard> Ya gotta make dem locks tuffer to pick old friend I'm on DoAC..Pulled Zati..LG...Silver there..I think there hooked..;p Anyone else on DaOC?..What server?...What realm? I'm in Isult...Hib...

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    now we can say offcially the neighborhood is shot

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    Hey Logan and SK ltns I still tool around in Emp just found this site.. btw real nice site slohand Well hope all is well with all you peeps
    Laters SD

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    hey Die,,,aye...ltns.

    good ta hear ya still around and kicking

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    Great, someone let Logan out of his cell. Now I'm never going to be able to steal anything. Bastard grabs everything not glued down, and some shit that is.

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