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Thread: Sweet petals!

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    <stands up from my workbench, eyebrows raised> "Well, aren't you a foolishly brave one! Risking life and limb over vegetation, that's quite a conviction you have for your trade! If I were my younger self, I would probably ask you to seek me out this Dragon Rose purely out of amusement, hah! But alas, I've grown out of my old habits.. having fun at the expense of others just results in too many senseless casualties. A shame, really"

    "The tale you tell of the rose is interesting though, as it does remind me of a time a few years back.. when I needed to seek out this particular type of flora.. <scratches head>.. Well, the name of it escapes me now, but it was this particularly quirky type of flower.. one with stems that spiraled in tight circles from watery marshlands, with an odd color that when looked straight on seemed black as night, but as soon as your eyes begin to shift away, the petals seem to shimmer in shades of violet and red, instantly drawing your gaze back squarely upon them. I knew at that moment, when these mysterious flowers drew me in, that I had found the right ones."

    <grabs a drink from BOM2000 and takes a swig>

    "Ahh.. anyways, if you know of the plant I speak of, you would surely know that that godless creation is not a flower one desires to possess, for the odor it emits is as foul as a pile of rotting manticore corpses sprayed with toxins from a Dargoth cranebeast and covered with excrement from a hellhou.." <notices Lilly cringing>"..well, you get my point.."

    "So a rational person might ask, 'Why in the name of all creation would I seek out such a vile flower'. Indeed, it wasn't my first choice to carry through with this particular task.. but I had it on good word that no creature of this world or the next would dare approach, nor have an appetite for, one that was covered in the noxious fumes of that plant. And since the most fearsome creature I have ever known was guarding passage to my destination - the Woven Threads of Creation - my choice against being eaten by a 10 foot high spider was to stink away any thoughts of feasting on precious Barb hide!"

    <pauses and looks at BOM 2000>
    "You know, I'm not quite sure why I had decided to track this invention down, but I suppose you grow attached to your own creations.."

    <notices Lilly suspiciously eyeing the bot>

    "Okay.. well, not totally my own creation.. I'll admit it. *sigh* I swear, Raizen druids aren't the most trustworthy types of people, but they sure can make wishes come true.. albeit, with a few.. um.. lets say.. unwanted side effects. This here machine was made to exist with the help of magic dust given to me years ago, back when I was trying to make my way here as a bartender. Anyway, long story short - the curse that apparently came with that dust is that my 'enchanted' creations are a little dangerous.. but not just to anyone, see. The perils are solely my own to bear." <reveals a few scars running across my chest>

    "Back to my story.. this BOM character had somehow slipped from this world to another.. far away.. hmm, Ragol was its name. I had it in my mind I would find this thing and bring it back with me here, but little had I known of the adventures that lay ahead of me.. and of the things of interest I would find on my journeys.." <drops a few "Meseta" on the counter and twirls them around>

    "So, it was to Mt. Strugg I went with a particularly unsavory scent, and made my ascent to the top, a good two days of climbing at least, through all manner of hazards and beasts. Thankfully my charming fragrance kept me from harm on my way up and sent those dreaded creatures of the mountain running away in disgust. I took much amusement in this newfound power and spent a bit of time taunting and chasing them around before I happened to trip over an ill-placed tree branch and found myself tumbling down a stony and thorn bush covered hillside..." <rubs my head and cringes thinking back> "One must learn to control himself, sometimes"

    <pauses, noticing the yearning for sleep in her eyes>

    "Well, the answer to how that flower faired against the Guardian will have to wait to be told another time. You look like you could use a bit of rest.. there are a number of vacant rooms upstairs you can spend the night in. Might be a bit of a dust coating but I'm sure you can make do."

    <goes back to work on the slippers>

    "..and I'll have these done soon enough" <clang> "OW!"

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    <puppy sneaks in as a sweet smelling lady with bare feet steps out into the darkening night.>

    where's she going? Food is THIS way. <sniff, sniff, sniff>

    <runs into the Evil Way kitchen, jumps from a bag of flour, to a keg of ale, to a counter top with a big plate of something warm and YUMMY. Tail wagging. Tongue licking. Teeth ripping>


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    ::yawnin', bare feet hittin' a cold dusty floor with a thud, a quick wash at a cold bowl a water had all manner a things pucker'd and goose bump'd, hair braid'd, dressed an' still puckery:: BRRRRRR!

    I don' suppose Shoehorn can find a nice thick blanket fer my next night under the Evil Way roof. Meybe he can convince the family a raccoons livin' in the chimney ta vacate so's a fire can be lit. Me ma always said, "Lilly, raccoons are beasts an' they wash their tiny hands with every bite a food." an' I'd always think just as soon as me hands get as furry as theirs I'll be glad ta do the same, 'specially when the chill turns things puckery!

    ::wanderin' - lookin' fer a hot cuppa something, an' a barb::

    He'll be amazed at what I 'membered in me dream!

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