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Thread: A new day

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    *Sure that she had Arboc in a strategically superior spot - he was off balance, while she was on rock hard ground with the balance to prove it - she ran a fingertip around the circular medallion, enjoying the strangely warm sensation the snakes' scales created. She allowed herself to relax back into the chair, unconciously rubbing her cheek briefly against it's velvety apholstery.*

    "An Eden is what I'm creating, and two by two is how the animals arrived in the original Eden. Being fruitful and multiplying is the ultimate goal. If you've an experienced farmhand that would be willing to locate to the sight of this new Eden, that would certainly be appreciated - and ensure your attaining this medallion."

    *A small smile, and a flick of the orb with a fingernail sent it into a fast spin, and then a slowing spin in the opposite direction. Finally it hung heavy and still on its leather loop. She let it drop into her lap.*

    "Its a good deal, Arboc. The resurgence of stock for eating and trading is needed for the region to flourish. You do want your lands and the lands of your neighbor's to flourish, do you not? What possible harm could come from this transaction?"

    *Leaning forward she placed a warmed hand on his knee.*

    "You can be so much more than you are, sir Knight. Help me, help you grow."

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    *Flies in, swinging his axe around violently* BONZIA!! *quickly looks for LC and runs to her side* Damn, LC, this is one nasty place, what would make you walking into this crap hole? *Notices Arboc's thigh and embeds his axe right into the side of it* Was getting thirsty *licks a sample of the blood and immediately vomits on Arboc* Blah, LC, not worth the time. *walks out*

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    "Dear me..."

    *watches with curiosity to see what Arboc will consider most important, healing, cleanliness, or revenge*

    *tucks the medallion away for now*

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    *turns his back on Arboc, giving him an open shot for revenge* Feel the evil Arboc

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    8O <looks up from behind the bar, thinking... maybe I should've build the sparring room before hanging the glass fixtures... mumbles> Ah, I get paid by the hour... <continues his work...>

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    Ignoring the pain from his open wound, Arboc quckly jumps from his bed and as if it one action, draws his dagger and throws it. Sinking it deep into the left buttock of dewn's rear. Blood begins to gush from the wounded fool's cheek. Arboc comes up behind dewn and plants a perfect size 13 boot to the wound, sending dewn stumbling from the room. Arboc pursues, he pulls his dagger from his assailants rear. "You fool. You have intervened in a matter that was none of your concern." Ripping the shirt from his body he apllies to his leg wound. The tattoo on his chest is glowing an eriee green glow. "If you have a great need to spill more of your blood, I'll be glad to take you out to the stables and accommodate you. But not here. No murder shall be comitted in the taverns of Yseribus. I shant break this law, will you? LadyChina, our business in completed for now. We will talk another time. Send this fool on his way before I forget who and what I am." "Oh, dewn!? Better clean up your mess. The proprietor of this tavern isn't as nice as I am." With that Arboc turns and return to his room, closing the door behind him.

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    *pulls out a bag of dirt, smears the dirt into his wound as worms creep from his wound and cover the cut* Ah, that'll heal. *stands next to Arboc's door and yells* I'm surprised, Arboc, I would not have thought the calling of revenge was that strong with you, maybe you are worth something Feel the call of death Arboc, blood in the tavern is needed. *Rubs his finger across the floor to cover it with blood and writes on Arboc's door with blood, "DUST"*

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    *sighs, standing outside Arboc's room watching Dewm write on the door.*

    "Dewm, my sweet, chaotic, bloodthirsty, friend - could you not have waited until I'd completed my business before beginning yours? Ah well, it was worth the nusance of broken negotiations to see the magic in his skin react to your threat. Did you see how the sigils glowed?"

    *linking arms with a barely limping Dewm, they walked past a grumbling Navic, a Tater still entertaining blue-haired elderly women (dressed in more than his red thong, thank god), and a few assorted odds and ends.*

    "For your trouble, Navic." *a gold piece is caught in mid-air* There's a bit of a mess upstairs. Our apologies. *steps on Dewm's foot as he begins to bluster*

    "Tell Arboc I'll be back in a few days, after his leg has had time to heal. No, I can't explain what the hell I mean by that - go see for yourself."

    *patting the medallion in the leather bag at her waist, she avoids Dewm's monsterous black horse and begins the long walk home, content, if not satisfied.*

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    *walks out with LC* I saw the sigils, worthless, just cut him up and burn them. Hey Navic, you see that stupid little puppy around here, yell for me, I'm going to crush that furball and feed it to Arboc. *places a pile of dirt on the ground and watches as black worms exit the dirt pile and head straight towards Arboc's room*

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    * Arboc closes the door to his room and proceeds toward the trunk at the foot of his bed. Arboc opens the trunk and begins to look through it. Finding a bottle of 20 year old Creole rum, he pulls the cork out and takes a big swig. Arboc grabs the material of his trousers where dewm’s axe had cut him, and tears it away from his body. Examining the wound, Arboc thinks “Not that bad at all. A disgruntled 1st grader with safety scissors could have done more damage then that little walking foreskin could ever do.” Arboc pours a generous amount of the rum onto the open cut. Arboc doesn’t even flinch as the alcohol burns into his flesh. The mighty Knight then reaches into his trunk and removes a thick needle and a strong piece of thread. Threading the needle with the thread, Arboc begins to sew the wound close. It takes only 4 stitches to seal the cut. Then Arboc removed a jar from his trunk and applied its contents to the new stitches. Taking a small piece of clean linen from the truck, Arboc wraps his leg. “That little mule muffin owes me a brand new pair of pants.” proclaims the great Knight. Arboc removes his torn trousers and along with his blood stained shirt, tosses the clothes on the fire in his room. Opening a nearby wardrobe, Arboc put on a fresh clean outfit. Turning towards the door of his room, Arboc spies black worms squirming from under the door. Arboc takes a deep breath, his soft brown eyes turn to the color of an evil green. Then he speaks in a language that no person could ever understand. “Ssssssstooooahhhhh. Eeeeesssssss ferrrrrrisssssss”, the worms on the floor, as well the dirt pile outside the door, are engulfed in a green flame. Then, there is nothing. No ash, no corpse. Not even a speck of black soil. Arboc exhales and his green eyes return to their noble shade of brown. Then Arboc proceeds through the door and into the tavern. As he closes the door behind him, the writing left on his door by a pathetic little troll, fades away. People in the inn suddenly become silent and stare at the Knight as he walks over to the bar. “Greetings Navic!! A tall ale if you please.” Turning to face the stunned crowd, Arboc calmly says, “It’s no secret that I know a magic trick or two. Come on everybody, next round is on me.” Taking his ale he raises his tanker towards Navic and says, “I see that chaotic little putz, didn’t clean up his mess before he left. Now he has to contend with Listle.” He smiles and takes a long swig of the cool ale.

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