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Thread: A new day

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    <Watches LC and Dewm take their leave> No trouble at all M'Lady... I'll relay the messages... night!

    <Breathes a sigh of relief as Arboc desends the stairs... Cheers Arboc's tankard, takes a drink of ale> Thanx Arboc... rough night ah? I was on my way up to check on ya <polishes off his ale in one gulp> Oh yeah, message for ya... seems Lady China wants your company after ya heal-up. You must've made some impression on her... <fills his and Arboc's glasses> ... and the dirty fella you call Putz... <pulls the puppy out from behind the bar and sits it on top along with a half eaten piece of meat> he don't care much for your dog... I wondered who's dang dog these was...

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    * Arboc scratches the little pup behind his ears * "So LadyChina wants another sit down? Hmmmmm" rubs his chin. "I guess I better make our next encounter a memorable one. Navic? Do you know someone in the village who make a gourmet picnic lunch?" Arboc smiles his sly smile and drinks deep from his cup.

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    Arising after a solid 2 and a half days of sleep, she slouches over to the dresser and resolutely slams her eyes shut again as light glints off of the basin of water. She drags a brush through her hair so she won't frighten small children and pulls on that last clean set of clothes and mutters something about wondering who she could bribe to clean up the rest of her clothing. She plops her helmet down on her head, hoping it'll block some of that bloodydamned bright sunlight from her night-friendly eyes and stumbles out into the hallway. Her cursing reaches an almost audible level as she spies the mess in the hallway, she resolutely looks away so she can forestall the first explosion of the day and continues down into the tav.

    Attempting a semblance of a sweet smile, she orders "something highly caffeinated" and heads for the fire, holding up a finger to someone who tries to talk to her, saying " I. just. woke. up. I. am. grumpy. Leave. me. be. until. sufficiently. caffeinated."

    She slouches into her favorite chair and props her feet up by the fire to warm her terminally cold toes, spies the puppy and beckons to it, patting the chair beside her. Her fingers wrap around the pleasantly hot mug and she allows her eyes to close as the fumes of the rich, life giving elixir reach her nose. She takes a few sips, and as life begins coursing through her veins again, she opens one eye and yells "ARBOC!! I smell your mischief at work in that mess in the hall, wanna come tell me just what in blue blazes was going on while I was sleepin'? And for all the gods' sakes, TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN! Tater, take a break and go git yerself something to eat from the kitchen."

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    <puppy sees the sign for I WILL PET YOU IF YOU COME!>

    Running, JUMPING, - OHOH, SCREAMING! Lady is wet and screaming! OH OH! Licking, LICKING will help!

    <puppy licks the hot yummy stuff off the lady's soft round part, lays his chin on it and stares up>


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    Cyren walks in, puts her hands on her hips, taps her foot and hands Puppy a ticket for being entirely too suggestive.

    "Bad dog. Bad."

    She raps him on the nose with a rolled up...something with something naked on the cover and walks back out.

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    Arboc approaches the ever so haggard barbarian with gently footsteps, “Wellllll, lookie what crawled out of, God only knows where. Listle my friend, you gotta stay away from that tokillya you drink.” He says. “Anyway. Me? Mischief? Not my fault, this time.” Arboc pulls a chair up next to his friend and her hangover. Sitting down, he states, “Last night LadyChina showed up here at the tavern. Not only did she come into the tavern, but she came upstairs and knocked my door. She wanted to discuss the purchase of livestock for an agri-business venture she’s starting. Any who, we’re sitting in my room flirting with one another, then, BANG!!! Some little schmuck named dewm busts into my room and plants his axe in my thigh. Then he proceeds to vomit all over my bed. Well you know me, I responded to his intrusion like the gentleman I am. He turned his back on me, so I dagger in his arse. Well you know how much blood a butt can produce. Oh I wanted to kill him. But I know the law about murder in the taverns. So I pulled out my blade and replaced it with a size 13 boot that sent him out the door. I told him to clean up his mess I made. And then I went back to my room to clean myself up. When I came back into the hall, I heard from Navic, that all the little bootlick did was start mixing his blood with dirt and writing stuff on my door. That’s it. Honest, until last night I had never met the putz before.” Arboc refreshes the ailing barbarian’s drink, “Tell you this though, he won’t ever get a free shot like that again. When we meet again I’ll plant more then a perfect size 13 boot in his head.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puppy
    <puppy licks the hot yummy stuff off the lady's soft round part, lays his chin on it and stares up...

    <tries to speak to Arboc but his jaw's on the floor> abulb blub...
    <takes a swig of ale only to have it poor down his chest> blale lub

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    Quickly setting her mug o' wondrous elixir of life down before it spills as she busts out laughing, she gathers the puppy up in her arms and hugs it tight. "Oh, you are gonna fit right in here, ya cute lil hound dawg! Hmmm... well, if you're gonna hang around, I suppose I oughta come up with a name for you..." She cocks her head thoughtfully as she contemplates the sheer number of possible names, tapping her finger to her lips. Ruffling the puppy behind the ears, she peers into its eyes to see if anything leaps to mind. "Hmmm... I'm going to have to think on that for a bit. Wouldn't want ta saddle you with a bad name!"

    "And now Arboc... as interesting a story as that is... either ya can clean up that stenchifying mess in the hall or go drag Dewm back by his ear ta make him clean up, your choice! And... it wasn't the tequila that did me in... well, perhaps it was what pushed me over the edge... but I'd been up too long, doing too much in too little time with too little sleep, which'll take its toll after a bit!"

    She finally lapses into silence as the mug beckons to her, she drains half in a gulp as she contemplatively pets the puppy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Navic
    Quote Originally Posted by Puppy
    <puppy licks the hot yummy stuff off the lady's soft round part, lays his chin on it and stares up...

    <tries to speak to Arboc but his jaw's on the floor> abulb blub...
    <takes a swig of ale only to have it poor down his chest> blale lub

    rofl. you took the words out of my mouth man. hahaha, somebody's a sick puppy, and i'm pretty sure I know who. hehe

    oh wait, I'm supposed to be asleep.. in another tavern. Perhaps I've had an out of body experience.. <nearly upchucks in his sleep as visions of a dancing dwarf haunt my mind. ack. makes mental note to NEVER travel in my dreams again>

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