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Thread: A new day

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    A new day

    Arboc arises with the dawn, and he is happy. Last night he created chaos and achieved harmony. He goes into the tavern hall and prepares hiself some breakfast. "I better find that paint Listle wants and finish the door." The brave Knight quickly downs his food and heads out to the nearby village in hope that they have indigo paint. "An indigo door with yellow trim and highlights, what will that Chaotic Barbie Doll think of next? Indoor plumbing?"

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    A Invitation

    *A long nailed pale hand pulls a peasant's cloak tightlly against briskly striding legs, the deep hood covers all features except for the occassional hint of a determined chin. Avoiding a cart filled with hay, dodging a pudgy woman hawking apple pies near a baker's shop, the figure's hidden eyes followed the progress of the broad shoulders of Arboc the True as he made his way through the village of Misty Hollow.

    She'd been stroking the mane of a midnight dark mare in a field outside the village, as his horse pounded past, thinking that such a beast would make traveling less of a time consuming event. If only she'd ever overcome the fear of controlling such a powerful beast with little bits of leather and metal. Men were one thing, horses another. A runaway horse and a fall from its racing back into a rock strewn field had left her with a long thin scar below her right eye. It had faded abit as childhood had been left behind, but the terror of being helpless, out of control, and at the mercy of the horse's whim and bunching muscles had left her to walk most places she could, or arrange a carriage when a prolonged journey was required. Following his progress after he tethered his horse wasn't all that difficult, he stopped often to speak with vendors and villagers alike.

    Finally he seemed prepared to spend a considerable amount of time with a vendor with a vibrant sign painted to read, "Rainbow Hues an' Stuff".
    This was the opportunity she'd been waiting for. Sliding in to a shadowed, empty alley she pulled Kattah and Dexbramah from the cramped cloak pockets she'd shoved them into at the beginning of her journey. Speaking slowing she commanded the sometimes useful creatures. A small tightly wrapped scroll was placed in Dexbramah's boney bat fingers.*

    "Now go, and don't disappoint me or I know a tanner that's looking for a couple of holey pairs of bat wings."

    *With alarmed squeaks and a hopping crawl the bats melded themselves to the walls and the shadows, the knight their goal. The scroll contained an invitation. She recited its contents soundlessly while watching Kattah fall into a topless rain barrel he'd decided to try and crawl over. Stupid creature. Dripping he dropped to the other side, joining the more intelligent, or just more lazy Dexbramah. Either way, Dex was the bat with the scroll, so he was the one that needed to stay dry. All was well.

    "...The hollow moon illuminates a song of want and hunger. Empty winds scrape the soul, and chaos lays it assunder. All thats false fades away and the truth is there before you. Can you bear it, Arboc? To see whats hidden deep within? Know thyself. Come to me when I call, you'll hear my voice and the path will be clear. Or don't. This time it will truly be your choice..."

    *Nearing the knight who was listening intently to the vendor, Kattah did as he was told and suddenly flew into the face of Arboc the True. As he was swatted a good ten feet to the left, Dexbramah quickly climbed the inner fabric of Arboc's cloak, leaving the scroll in an inner pocket. He dropped to the ground and raced unseen back to his mistress.*

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    * Talking to the vendor, Arboc develps an itch between his shoulder blades. He reaches for it, but it's in that spot that's just out of reach of one's finer tips. The itch stops as quickly as it started. Purchasing both inidgo and yellow paint, Arboc leaves the village and heads for the tavern. *

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    *Arboc reaches the tavern; he places his recently purchased paints on the ground next to the tavern door. As he removes his cloak, he fails to see a scroll drop from the inside pocket. With a passion (and a little fear from Listle) he begins to paint the old tavern door with the indigo paint. With bold and forceful stokes the door is covered entirely with the finest indigo paint in all this land. Arboc puts down the indigo paint and opens up the container of yellow. He dips the brush into the canary yellow paint and begins to color the trim of the doorway. In less then an hour, the trim on the old tavern is completed. Arboc thinks to himself, “This paint job ought to last at least ten years.” *

    * Arboc puts down the paint and brush and heads towards the well. He lowers the bucket into the well. Once the bucket is filled, Arboc raise the container of water up. Then Arboc walks back to the front of the tavern and fills two large basins full of well water. He washes the paint from the brushes thoroughly until they’re clean. Then the knight empties the basin of dirty water into a nearby flower bed. Arboc turns toward the second basin, removes his shirt, his scars and strange tattoo are visible to all, and proceeds to wash the paint off his arms and face. The sun is out and is warm. His arms and face dry quickly. Arboc picks up the paint containers and places them on a shelf in the nearby barn. *

    * Walking back to the tavern, humming a little tune under his breath and his thoughts somewhere else. He grabs his shirt and cloak and begins to head for the newly painted tavern door, once again failing to notice the scroll laying the ground nearby. *

    * Arboc reaches for door handle, when suddenly he hears a voice from behind him, “Sir! Oh sir!” Arboc turn to see who is calling his name. He spies Oscar, the young stable running towards him. He is holding a scroll in his left hand. When Oscar reaches Arboc, he holds out the rolled up parchment and says “Sir, this fell out of your cloak sir.” Taking the scroll from the young boy, Arboc reaches into his pocket and hands the boy a small emerald. “Thank you Oscar.” says the knight. Oscar takes the small jewel and leaves. Arboc stares at the scroll for a moment, he couldn’t remember ever receiving a scroll, let alone putting it in his cloak. “Oh well,” thought Arboc. He put his shirt and cloak down the front step of the tavern. He then sat down on the step himself. Unrolling the scroll, Arboc begin to look at the words on the parchment. Instantly Arboc’s eyes widen, he couldn’t understand the language that was written, but the words, the words placed him into a trance. Arboc couldn’t put the scroll down…………………….*

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    * Staring at the scroll, Arboc suddenly comes to his senses. Snapping out of the trance he was in, the Knight realizes that the words on this parchment are nothing more then an advertisement for something called a “Tantalizer”. Obviously it’s a Christmas wish list for some chaotic fool. Arboc rolls the scroll into a little ball and proceeds into the tavern. As he passes the inn’s fire he tosses the ball of paper into the flames. In a flash the cursed junk mail is converted into ash. Up the stairs to his room Arboc goes. He enters into his room and shuts the door behind him. *

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    *ignoring Tater after receiving a confused "errrr... up there." in reponse to her question "Where in all thats sweet and nauseating is Arboc?" she left him chatting with blue haired elderly women, and hoped the puppy that followed her all the from Sword Swamp would find a convenient fire to fall in to, she stomped up the Misty Hollow tavern stairs, looking for a door marked "VILLAGE IDIOT", this surely would be Arboc's.*

    *A sharp rap at each and every door finally rewarded her with more than a sleep filled face of an innocent Inn guest. Arboc opened his door and stared expressionlessly down at her.*

    "I am in a vile mood, so do not attempt to explain boundries, the joy of harmony, the responsabilities of one towards the entire human race, including annoying confusing MEN."

    *pushing him aside with a jab of her nails to his stomach, she almost smiled at the wince and grunt. The room had nothing to attract her attention, since rampaging was done best with pure focus.*

    "I've a job for you to do. Oh, and its nice to finally meet you, without it being a case of me stalking you or you attempting to abuse me!" The sentence was punctuated with a pseudo friendly pat to his face that sounded a little too much like a smack to be believable. "Well, its all water under the bridge now. I do hope you have a boat. Water under the bridge leads to drowning without the proper equipment."

    *struggling to bring her ire under control in order to stop subtly threatening the man she wanted favors from, she took a deep breath, blew it out slowly, and forced her mouth to smile. She was sure it looked harmonic. Nice, even.*

    "I think we've both stated our positions quite clearly. You are for order and responsability and belief in the rightness of your judgements. I think you're wrong. Be that as it may... I need sheep. Cows. Horses. Pigs. And a divining rod. Oh, but you probably don't traffic in nature magic, do you? Well, lets just leave your list with the livestock, shall we?"

    "Well, SAY something!

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    * A small smirk appears on the face of the man called Arboc. He casually walks by LadyChina towards his bed. He places the pillows against the headbord and sits down, lifting his legs onto the bed. As he gets confortable, he pats the matress and says, "Sit down, let's have a civilized conversation."

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    "Come on, sit" "Don't worry, I don't bite. I know you would like it to much" :P "Let's talk. Tell me why you are really here"

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    I could just turn around and leave. Yes, I could. I SHOULD. Or I could stab him in the thigh. Yes, I could. I SHOULD. Nooo. *shakes her head at her inner monologue* I could shove the wing chair from in front of the fireplace over to the bed. I could. I WILL.

    *Ignoring Arboc's raised eyebrows and continuing smirk, a shoulder and hip was put to the test - scraping a large chair across the floor to stop at a reasonable spellcasting distance. The first thing a magic user learns is to give herself enough room for at least one stun spell to go off even in the most amiable of circumstances, just in case.*

    "I don't generally act civilized, much less carry on civilized conversations in a bed, dear man. I'll sit right here as the truly civilized would do, since civility is your want and your wish, per your own words. Now, lets get down to business. I've seen livestock in your fields and I've a need for breeding pairs."

    *sitting as rigidly as possible in a softly cushioned chair, she opened a leather bag and pulled out a dully gleaming medallion, the center comprised of an arcane rune and the outer ring two snakes entwined for eternity. She actually felt the smirk fall from Arboc's face, his calloused hand clenched against the bedcovers.*

    "This is what I offer you. *she let the medallion slip to the end of it's leather loop, rocking it back and forth, almost hypnotically.* "You do know what it represents and what its intended purpose is, don't you...."

    *Arboc said nothing, but some quickly hidden emotion slid behind his eyes, he closed them briefly, then fixed on the rocking medallion.*

    "Tell me, sir... can we deal with each other?" *she smirked*

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    * Arboc looks at the swinging medallion with a cold blank stare. It causes something inside of him to stir. A slight burning sensation begins to poke at his heart. His emotionless eyes now focus on the woman seated before him. * Very coolly he speaks, “That’s a very interesting bobble you have there enchantress. Serpents have always fascinated me, to some degree. But we’ll talk of that later. So you are seeking breeding stock? For what purpose could you have in my simple farm animals?

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