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Thread: Mistake admitted

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    Mistake admitted

    I posted an entry the other day that was in breech of proper edicte for a role playing game. If offended anyone, I apolgize. It won't ever happen again.

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    I never mocked you for this <question mark x1000)


    I am shocked, years later - to find that I never mocked you for your OOC (remember the old school Out Of Character) apology).

    There are worse things in life than a breach of any silly role play etiquette. I have experienced a few of them. Anyway - consider yourself thoroughly mocked by the one you breached against.

    Yea verily, though I walk through the valley of the Shadow Of Yserbius, I shall never take anything here all that seriously. Except for Balor, but he was the exception to the rule.


    Lady China *The Tupperware Lady* (dishwasher safe)

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    Awwww.... So good to see everyone playing nicely with one another... 00
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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