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    <walks in the tav after finishing the neon sign on the roof>

    Quote Originally Posted by Tater
    A Short non descript Dwarf... attired in a bright red Thong..
    Reminds me of a time long ago...< takes a seat at the bar, orders a ale> I was at the tav in Lance Lair when...
    An Elf, a Human and a Dwarf, all old friends, are sitting at a tavern, talking about the night they had with their wives...

    The Human smirks as he says "Boys, the wife and I had at it like rabbits last night, about seven times... When we woke up this morning, she told me she loved me and was going to make my favorite meals all day.."

    The Elf looks at him, then smirks and responds "Well, I only made love four times to my wife last night, but each time was like a new extatic experience.. When we awoke this morning, she said we'd spend the rest of our days together and would surprise me again tonight.."

    The Dwarf looks at them both and snorts, drinking his beer silently.
    Feeling uncomfortable of being stared at by the other two, he finally says "Fine, fine.. My wife and I had thee 'ol in-out once last night."

    The other two blink, until the Elf smirks and asks "Pray tell us what she said to you this morning.."

    This time, the Dwarf smirks and says "She said.. Please, Honey, don't stop now..." :P

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    Cyren trips over Tiger while trying to get to Slohand and limps a few steps, hopping on one foot.

    "Dwarf-induced death. Bad."

    She leans over Tiger with a resuscitator and casts the spell, covering his eyes with one hand and whispering in his ear "He's still here. I could blind you if you'd like."

    She waves Slohand over "I'm handing out blinds, you want one? Oh, come on, it's not that bad, he's got some moves. I always did like it when a white boy gives it his all." She looks over her shoulder at a crucial moment and winces. "Okay, that's a lot of all. I need a drink."

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    <Wakes with a start, seeing red thong on a hairy..> Ack! A blind spell??!? How about a memory lapse spell?!? I need some ale all right... and some whiskey, elven wine, and anything else around here that'll make me foreget that site.... Man, I don't ever remember being subject to such.... Bravado in Fear Forest.....

    Thanks, BTW Cyren... Rounds are on me!
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    *points to Navic's table*

    We'll sit there. There will be lots of alcohol, we'll put up drapes if necessary. Look at the floor, look at the floor. It's only a dwarf, it can't really hurt you. It's more afraid of you than you are of it...just walk slowly.

    Think of some good jokes. We're gonna need them.

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    "Its the Stuff I'm packin m'lady" Eyeing Cyren as he dances. "Gets em to shain in their boots ev'r time.

    **Spins to a silent beat facing away as Cyren looks toward him bends his 2 foot legs at the kneesand puts his hands on his stubby knees. which causes his bum to thrust out toward her and starts shaking it uncontrollably singing**

    "Shake your love thing.. yea yea yes"

    "Dont worry that was a case of Tolio" he says in passing.

    **The Misty Hollow Dwarf with the red Thong begins thrusting body parts in each direction whenever he would catch folks peeking from between fingers.**

    "Table Dance fer ales... Table Dance fer Ales" He yells as he wonder how his cousin Gimli is fairing since he gone and got himself unemployeed....

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    <Sits with Navic, Slo and Cyren. I burry my face in a mug of ale.>

    God, Slo... What have you brought to this place.... Worst thing I ever saw in FF, was the occasional drunken bar fights..... Which usually started with a Merc or KAAOS person steppin on the others toe....

    <shakes his head> God... some things can not be forgotten....
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    Cyren starts to grin and then to laugh, touseling Tiger's hair and her shoulders start to move to a beat that is starting to magically rise.

    "That does it. I'm not going to be outdanced by a dwarf. It's not going to happen. I can't help it. This is a challenge. Cover me, boys, I'm going in."

    Cyren's hair gets tossed back and she gives a grin and a wink with an joking adjustment of cleavage and hiking of a skirt.

    "No way dancing happens and I'm not part of it, it just doesn't work that way. You don't have to watch, this is just something that happens. Keep drinking!"

    She laughs and jumps up on an opposite table from Tater, laughing so hard and trying to keep her balance, keeping up move for move except for the obvious stuff involving a thong that a lady simply does not do. She is doing stuff that tavern wenches have done through history, though. Have fun.

    "It's a dance off! It's ON!" She points to Tater.

    Her eyes are filled with light from the torches and she's laughing so hard that she coughs occasionally, but there is music now, and it's the good stuff. Her fists full of skirts and her hair tangling every which way, she's home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyren
    Her fists full of skirts and her hair tangling every which way, she's home.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tater
    The Misty Hollow Dwarf with the red Thong begins thrusting body parts in each direction whenever he would catch folks peeking from between fingers.
    <Looks are Slo and Tiger as his index finger taps his chin> You know, somethings missing my brothers...
    <walks behind the bar and flips a switch... instantly colored lights, appear from the walls, floor and ceiling, blinking, strobing, pulsating. Mirrored globes hang from the ceiling, spinning, reflecting the lights in all directions. The music thumps louder from the swivel out wall speakers>

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    Cyren strikes a pose with triumphant fist to the sky and opposing elbow drawn down to her waist.

    "YES! Let there be LIGHTS!"

    She blows Navic a kiss and continues with her unique patronage of the arts until she slips forward once and barks a knee up against the table. "Ow. Ow. Ouch. Okay, time to take a break. This doesn't mean he wins! This is just a...a...strategic retreat."

    She grins and limps slightly over to the table, her arm hooked over the back of the chair and fanning herself lightly with a mug while she's waiting for it to be filled.

    "Dancing is good for the soul. Since my soul is apparently so tarnished, I try to do a lot of it just to keep up." She gingerly touches her knee and winces "I think there are splinters. Stupid table. I was pushed. Ah well, who needs grace when you have enthusiasm." She winks and blows ale froth into the air.

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