<puppy finishes the bowl of YUMMIES the nice lady gave him. NICE lady, no yelling, just pets, FOOD, puppy must find her and lick her THANK YOU>

<running out of the kitchen, an urge overtakes puppy.>

OH OH! <sniff, sniff, sniff> perfect spot must be found. Not under the chair the nice lady was sitting in. Not the corner the smelly metal man was just in. OH QUICK!

<a steak escapes, catches puppy's eye, he runs towards it. POUNCE.>

Awww, just a leaf. OH, OUTSIDE! Good place to leave a message.

<sphincter, sphincter, sphincter, sniff, sniff, sniff> HELLO I AM HEALTHY! I AM A PUPPY! THIS IS MY PLACE!
<lifts a leg> THIS IS MY PLACE TOO!

<scampers back in to the tavern and falls asleep in the MEAN CAT's bed by the fireplace.>