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Thread: Ruffin' it!

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    Ruffin' it!

    <sitting on the tavern step, the puppy's nose presses against the worn door>

    FOOD! Warm, yummy, food, people, flowers, MOUSE, wood, water, salty sweaty feet, mmmmmm. Happy people, MEAN cat, magic, DIRT! DWARF!

    <runs after an escaping steak. POUNCE. awww, dried leaf. runs back. scratches.>

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    The sleepy barb rouses from her peaceful albeit dream-filled slumber and turns her head, trying to narrow down where that odd scratching noise is coming from, sidles up over the bar and heads for the door and opens it. When her gaze finally slides down to the puppy, she squeals with delight, then claps her hand over her mouth and looks around to see if anyone saw her unbarbish exclamation. She scoops the lil fella up under her arm and scritches behind his ears as she makes her way back to the kitchen, murmuring to herself 'hmmm, wonder what the puppy would like? And what should we name him?'. She carves off a slice of ham and feeds it to the puppy as she contemplates.

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