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Thread: I be lookin for...

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    Hey Thorr,
    Happy New Year, Yes I do remember you it's been so long since we all played on INN . Hope you and yours is doing fine.. Ive been playing mostly free games ,since Ive been out of work for sometime.. Keep hoping that Empiriana get back up online..anyway really nice to hear from you again.. take care
    I was also a LOR member not seen many of them around at all ..

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    Er I members one o me nutty chars was a prince of da Gypsies

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    hello Sir Die... yes i remember you also its kind of strange seeing names from..... what..... 15 years ago?
    well hope to hear from others i knew also i dont play many online games now... doesn't seem the same as it used to....


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    Hey Max,

    I used to hang with you guys all the time, you where always a chill dude. I forgot what my gypsie name was.

    Ouija of Black*Rose
    Schitzo of /TheMercs/

    SINNER what's up man?

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