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Thread: Making Rounds

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    Making Rounds

    <Tavernites in FF are shaken from their nap as the door burst opens and in walks the DogCatcher. Cloaked in a Royal Hue, his alarming size is offset by the terribly choice he made with regard to color cordination>

    "Any you folks seen a mangy low down two bit flea bitten hound round these parts?" He ask. " I hear tell its a vicious and wild mongrel straight front the depths of the Yserbius volcano."

    "Dont let its pretty looks fool you any folks" He continues, "This is a vile creature that must be captured and soon, i have heard tales it is as big as a Frost Giant and has an incredible appetite. and ummm how can i say this without frightening anyone" he pauses,

    "It's not Housebroken!!!" A great sucking sound comes over the tavern as everyones eyes get big and they catch their breath.

    <proceeds to nail a flyer to the outside of the open Tavern door. After the loudly dress Dog Catcher leaves the Tavern folks gather round to read what he placed on the door.>

    <center>Wanted Dead of Alive.
    mangy low down two bit flea bitten
    hound vicious and wild mongrel Be
    extremely careful when approaching
    this creature as it is not House Trained.!!!
    Realm Dogcatcher

    <Tavernite mumble to themselves as they watch the gayly dressed Dogcatcher ride off into the afternoon sun headed to other Taverns>

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    I think he means you Logan....
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    Oh come on.... What Merc were you?

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