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Thread: Hail all and Welcome

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    Free drinks? Hmmm.. this place IS beginning to shape up like the ole RPI! Don't mind if I do! < glug glug glug>

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    Where are the wenches!!

    Ok ok now where are all the womenfolk? I mean we need to get some of the warrioresses and sorceresses in here to add a bit to the old Tavern!! i mean this place isnt complete with Bry, Porter, Sybil< Shalimar, Smidgeon, Cyraen, and alot more than i can list here. so someone needs to find these folks and tell them RPI is open and request their presence. Thanks Slo ```

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    I wouldn't mind it too much if my old buddy and vicious attack wench DeathQueen were to show her face here again, either.

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    Re: Hail all and Welcome

    I know where some female Vicious Elf Barbarians hang out in the Soldiers Quarters. Want me to give them an invite?

    Speaking of barbarians, do you hear the one about the barb and parrot?...
    A Barbarian walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder.
    Bartender says, "Hey, where'd ya get that nasty thing?"
    Parrot says, "The mountains. There's hundreds of 'em running around over there."

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    Re: Hail all and Welcome


    <too choked up to say more>

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    Re: Hail all and Welcome

    know where some female Vicious Elf Barbarians hang out in the Soldiers Quarters. Want me to give them an invite?
    Barb wenches? Hmmmm... tempting. A few years back I mighta said bring 'em on, so I could chase 'em around the tavern a bit, and maybe up into the loft <EG> But ummm... I'm a *cough cough* respectable (Grimaces at the nasty taste that last word left in his mouth) married type guy these days. Better leave 'em where they're at

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    Re: Hail all and Welcome

    Wench! Oooh, I can do that!

    I even met my husband in RPI, I did. The naked Barbarian SnowWolfe (WedNotDed!) (a.k.a. Darkwolfe, Brushfire) is still my partner in all things (okay, not all things, I can manage a few things solo) However, I did get sold once to him during a slave auction in RPI and the rest is self explanatory, and if it is not self explanatory, I ain't explaining it to you.

    I too miss DeathQueen and being called a pissant!

    SultanShi, who I miss when he used to offer me countries and dance for me. Jachyra, who I also miss and was fun to kill things with. Bourne and Shalimar, we miss you. To SnowWolfe's many alternate wives, Wandreth, Rosie...okay, so there was a lot of ass pinching going around. I'd say I was sorry, but I'd be a lying little wench. Alaric, Silence...

    Okay, I need to check my notes and stuff. Yes, I took notes, there's a few books in there, but I can't write them until most of the main characters die. So I'm waiting I'm remembering too many things I'm giggling about and not enough actual names.


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    Re: Hail all and Welcome

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyren
    Yes, I took notes, there's a few books in there, but I can't write them until most of the main characters die...
    I'm patiently waiting... Do tell, do tell...

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    Re: Hail all and Welcome

    GAH! Dangit! I did it again!!
    *Writes "I will sign in before posting!" 100 times on the blackboard.


    Bourne and Shalimar, we miss you

    I sent Shali an ICQ about this place awhile back, haven't heard back from her yet.
    I have Bourne's ICQ #... will tell him about this place and see what he has to say

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    Re: Hail all and Welcome

    Okay, well...there was that time I came back to visit, but I was a guy that time. I think genders were pretty...uh...elastic. That was the roleplay thingy. I sorta kinda a friend of mine pregnant...well, kinda assaulted her in public. Her husband didn't like that and that's why we did it...and she was part of the vampire guild in Sword Swamp and I was a werewolf so we made the first and only Wereamp I was aware of until Underworld came out. And I swear it looked just like he did, uh huh!

    It was cool.

    Then there was the time that I was born one of a set of twins that burned RPI down to the ground until we were given only Nerf WHoDs to play with. That darn telekinesis is a bummer to the cleaning crew. I think I managed to be my own great great grandkids...that's a little odd.

    I think I had over 100 adopted kids. No allowances. And NO BREAST FEEDING! (Oddly enough that request was more asked so often that it had to be agreed upon in advance.)

    Any more stories involving other people may have to be approved. Some of them involve Slohand and I'm sure there are rules about such things. Of course I didn't read the rules, but I've already said "ass" and I'm still here. If I'm banned, it is cause Slohand is MEAN! He is. I'm batting my eyelashes now. I'm innocent.

    But really, I do have notebooks and notebooks and journals aplenty from that point in time. Novelty of screen capture and the fascination of having tons of cool people to talk to. That and having a job that let me learn typing WHILE transcribing my online conversations.

    Call it sick, call it twisted, call it obsessive, I just called it thorough There was full disclosure! I think people who knew they were being recorded tried harder to be amusing.

    My only problem now is whether or not I'm gonna do anything with it before the crappy 1990s dot matrix ink fades completely.


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