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Thread: Hail all and Welcome

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    Re: Hail all and Welcome

    Don't worry Cyren, Slo's outta town today and I'm the Mod for this board, so please post all ya want until tomorrow when Slo's back hehe

    IH, ya get VitF working?

    I believe Slo's making it so only logged in members can post, to stop the "guest" posting...

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    Re: Hail all and Welcome

    IH, ya get VitF working? last prob and I'm flyin' high (wrote about it in the help section)

    I believe Slo's making it so only logged in members can post, to stop the "guest" posting...
    Thank GAWD! Otherwise freakin idiots like me will post anonymously all the dang time! After this SNAFU here, I went to Sword Swamps forum and did it again!!

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    Re: Hail all and Welcome

    Well Well M'lady Cyren is back in the Tavern. well this place has become a better place now. Navic was about to kill me with his humor. Iron is a little cranky at times.
    Yea I am afraid some of Cyrens escapades may include me. Roleplay Inn was once a interesting place to be. I can almost see Smidgeon running in now with some Roleplay going on.. Oh does everyone remember when Smidgeon ran in and it turned out someone had like totally and forgive me but sexually assualted her in the volcano? this caused like a huge huge stir among the die hard roleplayers. I remember it well.

    It is good to see Cyren again in the Tav. she is but one of the few that made this place stand out.

    Welcome home. Slohand ```

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    Re: Hail all and Welcome

    I do remember Smidgeon, I'm sorry to hear she was assaulted. I hate to say it, but I probably knew the assaulter, and I probably couldn't give you less than 20 names that matched that particular MO...

    This was a very rough place in the back alleys, and that's partly why I loved it, but there were several casualties.

    The names have been changed to protect the guilty, but there were a few modus operandi that were shady:

    Bring a woman out and then just sorta stop and demand she pass over all her gear...

    Bring a woman out and just sorta park somewhere and proceed to...well, you know. Not the most original, but definitely the steadfast staple of carnal strategy.

    Then again there's one of my favorite tells from someone "OH my GOD, she's ONLY 14!" (Okay, okay, so it was SnowWolfe, I have permission to use a direct quote)

    I only got mild revenge, I used to take parties out to right before beating something good up or finishing a quest and demand that someone in the party make me laugh before we continued. Pissed quite a few people off, made a couple of very good friends.

    There were suicide threats if cyber didn't commence quickly.

    These were tough women and tough men and took pride in it in a wicked little way I can't even try to capture anywhere else. Turned out that half the people there were the opposite gender, under 14 or otherwise...but they were very good at what they did. The like minded met and did what like minded do.

    I really, really miss it. Unfortunately every other game doesn't have anywhere the level of expected roleplay, pride in humor, intent to be creative or produce the best stories. I credit this era as the "If you had a computer, it was because you were smart." time in my life. I end up turning channels off everywhere else and "roleplay" is almost always defined as basically not using your own name...

    Whenever I got in hot water, I always took the refuge of the cowardly. I rebooted. It was rare, but it happened. Then I'd come back under another name and I'd get laughed at by the guy who made me reboot, cause he could always find my alts. I dreaded the *POKE* of embarrassed recognition. Of course, I'm married to that exact guy right now.


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    Re: Hail all and Welcome

    Yes Those were the days, So different from today, But hey Roleplay Inn is open and we are here, so drinks are on Navic!!!!

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    Re: Hail all and Welcome

    <walks outta the john> ...drinks are on who... ahh dang Slo I hate when you do that! <tosses platinum on bar and heads over to the jukebox> Whatcha all wanna hear?

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    Re: Hail all and Welcome

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyren
    Novelty of screen capture...
    Any donations (PG-13 hehe) are appreciated

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    Re: Hail all and Welcome

    <tosses platinum on bar and heads over to the jukebox> Whatcha all wanna hear?
    How about "What do you do with a drunken Navic....err I mean Sailor"?

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    Re: Hail all and Welcome

    Ahh good selection IH... Slo knows the tap dance steps to that lil number.

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    Re: Hail all and Welcome

    <looks around the empty tav... passes out on top of the bar, head in a bowl of pretzels with his ale in hand...>

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