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Thread: Hail all and Welcome

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    Hail all and Welcome

    Knocks the cobwebs out and steps in Consider Roleplay Inn Open for business again all!!! Slohand

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    <Stumbles thru the door, removes one of many upside-down stools off the bar, places on floor and bellies up to the bar>
    'bout time ya open this watering hole! I've been waiting over 10 years for a good drink!
    Whatz a man have to do for a drink around here? Any dwarven rot-gut back there? Some pretzels would be good too...

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    Tis Good

    It is good to see our little Tavern coming back to life again. sigh,, it has been to long. (looks longingly at the door for familiar faces). Have yerself a round on me Navic!! (slides a dusty bottle across the bar)

    (Gets out a bucket and cloth and proceeds to wash the bar down getting it ready for others)........................ :/:/:/

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    <glug, glug, glug> Aaahhhh... aged to perfection! Where be the pretzels lad? <Looks behind the dusty bar> Not a pretzel one to be found! <Tosses a few coin on the counter> Reck'n I'll head over to Mace Manor, there be pretzels there. G'luck on your remodeling <grabs his war hammer and helm off the bar and leaves>

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    where be the folks?

    Looking around i can see the Cano coming back to life slowly. Familiar faces are starting to pop in and out. This is a good thing. Hello all you Roleplay Inn Patrons New and Old. May the Light of Yserbius forever shine in your heart and your mind. ...Slohand ```

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    <Strolls through the doors and spends awhile just drinking in the familiar scenery from long ago, then bellies up to the bar> Barkeep! A Black Death Ale! <Bangs on the loft> Hey, Dammit! Y'all hold it down up there! <Realizes the loft's empty> Ummm... Huh? <Commences drinking> Dang this feels good being back! <Bangs his WHoD on the bar a few times, for old time's sake an' all>

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    <yells down from the loft> WHAT 'N THE BLOODY ALE IS GOING ON DOWN THERE! <does his best to only stagger down the stairs> O! IRONHORSE, I remember seeing ya before. Back in the old times. Don't believe we talked, but I never forget a proficient drink'r. Sorry 'bout all the yell'n but I'm working off last nights rotgut. Well I'm glad ya found the place, see ya around :/ <tosses a few gold on the bar> Have a drink on me <goes back to bed>

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    <<gulg gulg...>
    < watches an elf pick a fly outta his ale, then pushes his mug away with a grimace across his face>
    <<looks in to his own mug to also find a fly floaty>
    <<jumps off his bar stool, rips the fly from his mug>
    <<starts yelling as he holds the fly over his mug>

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    Can you hear it

    Put that ale down long enough to listen to the sound coming from the Cano behind us. isnt that a sweet sound.. I hear the life stirring back in this old place's bones again.

    <Soft Celtic music plays in the background sounds of Swords clashing and the screams of vermin and its like in the distance warms the tavern tonight>

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    <Screws the spike off his helm and replaces it with the latest gnomish invention... >
    "The Brew-a-bout". Just attach to any spiked helm and enjoy delicious ale anytime, anywhere. Straw attachment sold separately".

    Sorry Slo, I don't put me ale down <hic> well only for one thing

    I still don't be hear'n any pretzels crunch'n

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