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Thread: Are you out there?

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    Are you out there?

    BardManiac... I was down in the dumps and unable to get into evil way one day... so I took a chance, strolled into a new tavern and lo & behold you were there and have been in my thoughts ever since.

    I no longer have those hundreds of letters I received from everyone but I have more poetry that you all wrote -- some day I'm going to haunt you all with it and post it (anonymously) of course

    so bman, last I knew you were getting married.... where are you now!?

    Ender, Veldare, Necro, (Bourne it's awesome seeing you here!), Tasslehoff (the one who moved to the island off of washington I think it was, where the phone calls just got to be too much and you had to leave us? iirc).... Alaric... there are so many other names...

    it's getting chilly out there at night, folks.... don't forget to add a hot chocolate to your order... complete with marshmallows and maybe even some whipped cream. Add it to my tab, I'll take care of it for ya.... and now that I'm a bit older I'll probably make sure the bartender adds a shot o somethin' special in it for ya as well

    I'll be up here hidin in the rafters hoping some ol' friends will join me

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    I spy with my little eye...

    a new forum member by the name of BardManiac =O

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    I'd just like to say... wow.

    BMan did finally find me... he actually has moved to the same town u'd find me in....

    dang I love all of you fine folks and miss the crazy fun roleplay...


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    Good to see ya as well, although I am nearly 6 years older from when ya first posted. Always was a bit behind on the posting thing and replying.

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    I remember Bard Maniac. If he's the guy I'm thinking of, we talked a ton on the phone and he sent me a book of poetry. Wish I was able to return it to him.

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