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Thread: BC's List

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    BC's List

    Okay, I was real good about keeping up with folks for a long long time. Time was, if someone was looking for someone, I was the one who could put them together. This is no longer the case.

    If anyone knows where or how to contact any of these people, I would appreciate a nod.

    Kit - (lost contact with her after she left nashville) Last known to be playing a mud with other old celts and living in southern california

    Cyraen - (same, she left town when Kit did)

    WizKid -

    Shanna -


    DarkSoul - (AKA- Waterboy) The fourth "Bastard" of the Bastard Squad made up of BC, Sundered and Blackadder

    LocoWolf - TeeHee!™

    PBmax -

    Porter -

    Oracle -

    CatLeo -

    Blodyn -

    Vader -

    Kestral -

    Carnage -

    MoonUnit -

    SunShadow -

    (Also Seeking) Any information regarding the fate of Perigen who was injured terribly in an auto accident in 1997 - No one ever found out if he came out of his coma or passed. Last known to be in a coma at about four months before his brother took down his computer and logged his ICQ account off. If you know, please post in this thread.

    There are other people I want to find too, but I need to double check my lists before I edit their names onto my list.

    The Artist Once Known as BloodCelt

    Basterni - Pouncing Pwny - Landroval - LOTRO
    Basterni - No Means No - Kaas City - SW:TOR
    Basterni - Titans Fleet - STO

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    Update: I'm a tard

    Just saw SunShadow posted below.


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    Kestral or Kestrel?

    hmmmmm do you remember a guy by the name of Earendil?

    I'm gonna send him here anyway just in case lol

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    *hugs BC* okay.. now ya found me.. whatcha gonna do about it? ;p

    I have PBMax's ICQ number.. dunno if it's still active or not. Email or ICQ me or something and I"ll pass it along to you.

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    Vader's prolly fleeing Rita if she still lives where she usta!

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    Kestral isn't/wasn't me, Somby. I was originally Slik, here. (Slique, too.) Eventually, I created Earendil here, but that was towards the end of my stay. At any rate...I'm home again, thanks to you.

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    Here's my list of things I've lost and would like to get back..

    1. My youth.
    2. My money.
    3. My Sanity.


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    Hey Sunny! , Sombra =p

    re: Vader: I wasnt sure if they still lived down on the coast or not, if you have contact with her, send her my greets.

    Re: Kestral/Kestrel : Main one I was looking for (Knew several) was the unofficial early Yserbius record keeper.

    Don't let Sundered (aka Tylirion) fool you. Bro remembers everything from the old days, it's Harmless ;D


    ahem... fnar 00
    The Artist Once Known as BloodCelt

    Basterni - Pouncing Pwny - Landroval - LOTRO
    Basterni - No Means No - Kaas City - SW:TOR
    Basterni - Titans Fleet - STO

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    I remember Tylirion. I'm pretty sure I hung out with him in one form or another a time or two. I remember Sundred too, of course.

    Yserbian Arcanis.

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    Of course China will remember sundered.. dont' think there was a day when thyrm wasn't bitchin bout me

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