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Thread: Half Baked Tater

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    Half Baked Tater

    **The morning has waned into the afternoon before the short non descript dwarf pads down the stairs in but his Red Thong., Taters, stretching his arms as he moves, heads to the bar where he comsumes his normal breakfast of Champion Dwarfs, Milk and Cookies. Piled in the corner Folks see duffles stuffed with an Axe handle poking out and the glint of highly polished Infinite Armor. Fetching a bad to his shoulders Tater turns to look at the tavern one last time and then Take a piece of paper out his thing and pins it to the Board on his way out, with no words Tater raises his hand and acknowledges the Bartender and closes the Door behind him as he leaves**

    Dear friends of Tater and Patrons of Mistry Hollow,
    I have been asked through private dispatch to depart from these lands as my profesion it seems, makes those about me a wee bit uncomfortable. So thus being a respectable Dwarf as I am and needing to earn me keep I have thus elected to Close up me Dancing here in the Wonderful Misty Hollow Tavern. I have me a plan so dont you folks worry yeeself none. The Tater aint done yet,, maybe Half baked but not done yet. I will wander the realm a bit and try to find me a suitable place where I can liked for who I am. Until next we meet.

    PS Tiger, left you the down under music and programmed it to play everytime you come in the Tavern so you can always think of me.
    Navic you were a friend always never offended and nev err judgmental.
    To all those whom I met, Well met and until we meet again..........

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    <Walks in to check on thing... Hears the music start up and quickly covers his eyes> Alright, Tater! How many ti.... <Peeks> Hey, where's the dwarf...???? Damnit, did that Cleric run off with the dwarf too?

    <Makes a discusted face> Never did trust clerics.... What a sicko... <heads to the bar and looks around the half empty tavern> Wow, sure is dull in here now....
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    Ok who ran Tater off? and who the heck is Biscuit and Gravy? ... Slo

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    <Reads Tater's farewell letter, turns to Tig> I'll miss the 'ol boy...
    Wonder if his leaving has anything to do with his date with Lilly?... <Smacks Tig on the back> Lets have a drink to wish Tater safe travel... your buying...

    I'll have some of that biscuits 'n gravy Slo!

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    <Sputters as he sips his elven wine, receving a sudden slap on the back> We will? Uhm... Speak for your self... I won't miss the red thong...


    Ok, well, maybe I'll miss his antics.... <Whispers> Don't tell him I said that...

    <puts some money on the bar> Barkeep, round of ale and biscouts and gravy....
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    Awwwwww... Tater! Would ya come back if we came up with a... more family friendly costume ta dance in? The place won't be the same without ya! <sniffles>

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