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Thread: Philly-osophy of Navic

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    A Dark Rider aye? You reck'n this was the fella who took Cyren? Theres been all sorts of talk of evil coming to our lands <sign> Maybe the legend of King Cleowyn is wrong... <a look of concern appears on his face> maybe the ghost of Cleowyn lives on... <looks out the window towards the 'cano then to his friends at the table> Well... until our adversary shows... the show must go on! <gathers his tools and begins construction of Tatars stage>

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    "What do you mean fella who took Cyren? I'm right here! And who is King Cleowyn. Sounds familiar for some reason. Tell me a story!"

    She smiles and rests her chin in her palm, looking at Navic for some more funny stories while he builds the stage.

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    <stops his work turns to Cyren> You don't remember when Tig, Tater and me found you in Sword Swamp after some stranger stole you from Misty Hollow and dumped ya there? Hmm... you were looking a'lil outt'a it when we found ya. We searched high 'n low and never found that guy... he just disappeared...
    <measures out an area for Tater's stage> I'm no scholar but this is what I know 'bout the legend of King Cleowyn... Long ago the 'cano erupted and nearly destroyed Twinion. Cleowyn the Cruel, was the last of the Galabryan kings and ruled after the eruption. He had visions of restoring Twinion to its former glory. He also set about investigating the secrets of the great 'cano. He recuited dwarfs to dig into the 'cano and build him a Palace. They found riches of gold, silver and jewels... as Cleowyn grow in wealth he became crazed. One night Cleowyn's wail of despair was heard across the island... the townsfolk rushed to his Palace in the 'cano... only to discover it empty... the king, his court, his guards, the dwarf miners, and his prisoners were gone. <takes a drink of ale> I don't know whatever happened to them, I can only tell ya what I've heard. Brave people have ventured in to the 'cano... the ones who make it out tell stories of horrify'g creatures roaming the halls... it's been also said that the Ghost of Cleowyn and his undead court still reside in his Palace... <finishes his ale and returns to his work> perhaps Tater can tell ya more...

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    Cyren puts her head down on the table and sighs.

    "Sorry, I'm still very confused about that night. Even Cleowyn sounds familiar in ways it shouldn't and now I'm scared. It just seems to me that people are trying to hurt other people and I don't know how to stop it. I never have."

    She looks confused and her head jerks up.

    "Does everybody here have both their thumbs?"

    She sighs again and her head drops to the table with a more solid "thunk."

    "Oh never mind, I'm babbling. I keep thinking I can handle everything and then it all slips out of my hands and shatters to the ground. I haven't been taking any of these threats seriously and now I'm afraid I should have. I have too many skeletons and Ghosts in closets, some of them that are determined to stay there. They never seem to come out into the light where I could deal with them. Does anyone here need real serious help with something I can see and put a name to? I'm haunted by so many things I can't tell what's real anymore. I'm up for another quest, but I have to stand behind someone else or I get lost. I might not be of much more use, but I can provide comic relief while someone competent takes their shot. I'd better stick with you guys, I do a pretty poor job left alone. My family seems to be the only ones that are being threatened, but none of my family is here now..."

    She sighs again and just brings her drink close to her forehead to feel the cool metal against her skin.

    "How's that for useless?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyren
    I keep thinking I can handle everything and then it all slips out of my hands and shatters to the ground. are being threatened, but none of my family is here now.... How's that for useless?
    <puts a comfort hand on Cyrens back... > Thou I've only know you a short time... please consider me as family. I don't care what Tiger says 'bout ya < :P >, it's been a pleasure to know ya. I'm surprised the thought of being "useless" crossed your mind. <gently raises her chim from the table> We're here for ya... <a smile thins his fake mustache>

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    Cyren smiles. "Family. That is a word I love. What is they say..."When you have to go there, they have to take you in.'"

    She waves her hand and waggles it "Oh, Useless occurs to me a lot, a lot. 'Cause I am! I'm not proud of it, but...but there you go. Can't stop bad guys. Can't stop people from getting hurt or being stupid."

    She giggles

    "Can't stop pissing people off, either. That's pretty constant! If I haven't pissed you off, you're just a very, very nice person. Like that musth...mustak...thingy you have. Now THAT would piss most people off. "How dare that lady put a mus..t...mussht...thingy on my face!"

    "I'm sick of family that doesn't come into the tavern and get musht...mshtas...thingies on their face and be HAPPY about it!"

    She giggles again.

    "How's that for obnoxious?"

    Her eyes widen briefly and she sits down hard in her chair. "Tiger. Something about Tiger. I took...oh hell, that drink was drugged, wasn't it? That night? Bloody everlasting...okay. Please tell me I'm wrong? I'm not wrong. That is about the..."


    "Oh who am I kidding, I've seen worse. Not sitting next to Tiger when we drink any more. Remind me."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyren
    "Tiger. Something about Tiger. I took...oh hell, that drink was drugged, wasn't it? Not sitting next to Tiger when we drink any more. Remind me."
    "That's why I stick with Dwarven wine." Fleetwood holds up his drink. "The stuff's impossible to poison, Hell, it practically eats its way through the glass."

    (slams drink)

    "Definitely not a drink you want to nurse."

    >to Navic
    "Is my stage ready yet?"

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    <looks at the lil halfling> Did you say Dwarven Wine...? Dwarven Wine? 8O
    <Looks to Tater> Bro... ya ever heard of dwarven wine? Oh yeah Your stage is ready.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Navic
    <looks at the lil halfling> Did you say Dwarven Wine...? Dwarven Wine?
    "Scoff not at things you are CLEARLY ignorant of."

    "Dwarves are the CONSUMMATE winemakers. Its just those poncy elves take all the credit."


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    >Fleetwood acsends to the stage.

    "Now ladies and gentlemen, good people all, pay heed."

    "The day is done, the work complete. Let us regale each other with tales of bravery and nobility to lighten our hearts and strengthen our resolve."


    "There once was an elf in town for some R&R. He hooked up with a lady of the evening and they went to his room at the Inn. He asked how much a handjob would be and she replied 500 pieces of gold.

    Stunned at the price the elf asked how she could charge that much.
    The lady replied by pointing out of the window. "See that tavern there, and the one behind it, and the one behind that?" "I own them because I can give a 500 gold piece handjob."
    The elf thought about it and decided that he was here for a good time and he might as well try the lady's service.

    Five minutes later the elf had to agree that the money was well spent. He then asked how much for oral pleasure. The lady replied 1500 pieces of gold. Before the elf could say anything the lady again pointed out of the window. "See that huge castle over there? I own it because I can orally pleasure men for 1500 gold pieces."
    The elf decided to put off buying a new chariot this year and agreed to the service.

    Fifteen minutes later the elf decided that the money was well spent.
    The elf then asked how much copulation would cost.
    The lady replied, "See this whole city and everything in it?"
    Stunned, the elf replied, "Yes."
    "I could own it all if I had a hoo-hah."

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