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Thread: Philly-osophy of Navic

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    Philly-osophy of Navic

    <walking to the tavern with Cyren, the stars are dancing in the sky, the two moons merge into one, the tumblers of time click and open above them, as Navic asks Cyren...> Do you see time as a sequence of discrete events.... or simply a line of perception though infinite possibilitites...? <sip's his beer...>

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    Cyren toys with her drink and says "I think time is a function of all things together. There's matter, energy, space and time. All one thing, really. It all exists at once. We're just limited beings that can only travel from one point of view and record it in a limited fashion. So to use your analogy, one human, or elf, or ant, can only trace one line through infinite possibilities. That's about all we can ever see unless we use our imagination or intersect with other lines to get a sense of what else is out there. I don't think any event is discrete because its starting conditions are always determined by what came before and will always have an aftermath that leads to a new event."

    "We're just too small to know. I wonder if an ant walking across this bar wonders if the tavern is really all connected or is just a series of flat or inclined surfaces that smell funny."

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    (The halfling troubadour hops off his table)

    "I couldn't help overhearing because I was eavesdropping."
    "I heard an interesting fable once concerning time."
    In the beginning, God wanted to create a new world. God added everything in creation and determined how things were to work. The World was a thing of perfect beauty and harmony. There was no evil.

    However, The Adversary saw what God was doing and decided to throw a monkey wrench into the Creator's plans. The Adversary saw the perfection of the new creation and wanted to despoil and corrupt it. While God wasn't looking the Adversasry snunk in and hid in the new creation.

    God came back and decided that everything was ready. God then raised the "Arch of Time" that animated the World and set everything in motion. Too late God realized that the Adversary was contained in the World. To remove the Adversary now would require God to break the Arch of Time and destry the new creation.

    Meanwhile, the Adversary's pleasure in having the ability to screw around with the World turned to anger and frustration when the Adversary discovered that the Arch of Time kept the Adversary trapped and could not be broken from this side.

    Thus the rest of the Universe is free of the Adversary's evil, but at the cost of having the World marred and having to struggle against evil.

    "My point is that I agree that we are indeed too small to see all of time, we would have to be outside the scope of time itself to do so. And if we were out of the scope of time we could not exist and couldn't see the scope of time..."
    "Philosophy makes my head hurt, gimme another flagon of Dwarven wine."

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    Cyren salutes Fleetwood with her glass and smiles at his story, ordering the wine in a brief aside with passing staff and offering him a seat at their table.

    "It's a pleasure to meet you, Fleetwood. That's a lovely story. Never fails, though, that it's always the Adversary on my side of the fence letting me know that it's my burden to bloody well save everyone else from Him. Then again, I've only ever met the Adversary. At least I know he gives a damn. I'm not so sure about the Creator."

    She winks at the blasphemy and pours a glass for Fleetwood when the flagon arrives.

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    **A Short Non Descript Dwarf in a Royal Red Thong moves to the Table where the Gracious Lady Cyren, Navic and Fleet make conversation**

    "Now Navic donot ya goin and starts clutterin up me tavern with a bunch of philo phil,,, , ,*Spits* those peeples,, ya go and keep this clean, Thought you were gonna put me in a stage where i can shakes me money maker tonight lad?" Tater ask.

    "BISCUIT!!!!,,,,"hearing Biscuit.....
    "Aye my friend i have plenty of room fer ya, but dona chu go and start making a mess of things with that friend of yers what was his name again,,,,, GRAVY!!! chu just leave him be."He ads as he turns back to Navic,,"Last door at end of the hall upstairs,"

    "Cant wait to get this place goin soon, Bartender starts today gots me a whole stock of ales and rums in the back need puttin away, <eyes Navic> Naaaa me friend putting away means on the shelf I'll be havin none of you puttin away the ales like yes did back in 93 my friend" Belly laughing as pats Navic on the shoulder,

    **Navic pads across the room and picks up a scrap of old paper he apparently missed while cleaning then returns**

    "Aye just listening to the wind last night got me to thinkin of days gone by sigh." he adds leaning close to whisper," I spied a Dark Rider through here last eve, All in black he was, I was settlin in for the eve when I heard me this distant sound of a horse approaching, not just any horse mind you, this one be a Warhorse, I ve ridden a few of these magnificient beast in me day. My lights were out already in me roon as I stood near window. He came into the Yard here Dismounted and tried me door to Dragon Court Inn. But she was bolted dead tight." Pausing waiting for effect

    Leaning Closer, "Then just as he came, he left headed in the Direction of Lance Lair or Mace Manor I am net sure wheech. There is somethin on the the wind my friends. I can feel it in me old dwarven bones. there is something on the wind"

    **Lost for words and deep in thought, Tater turns and heads to a window and stand atip toe to look out at the grey volcano smoke filled sky and into the distance. No other words are heard from the little dwarf as he returns to his duties seemingly concerned and lost in deepest thought of the past events**

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    Cyren salutes Tater with her drink and listens carefully to what he's saying, thanking him for his hospitality and expressing how glad she is that he decided to stay.

    Briefly during his story she wishes there were only one evil afoot in the land, but she thinks better of heaping the table until it creaks with evil and malice.

    "See, Adversary talks to Tater too. The Adversary gets around, I tell you. If the Creator made house calls, it would all be so much easier."

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    "All this talk of Eeeeevil, Dark Riders, and Adversaries has brought the place down. The only sure way to combat the forces arrayed against us is through good cheer."

    >Fleetwood jumps up on a chair

    Cyren knew a little Dwarf,
    Little Dwarf, little Dwarf.
    Cyren knew a little dwarf whose thong was red like blood.
    Everywhere that Cyren went,
    Cyren went, Cyren went.
    Everywhere that Cyren went the Dwarf would curse and groan.

    He followed her to the tavern one day,
    Tavern one day, tavern one day.
    He followed her to the tavern one day and danced upon the stone.

    The patrons could not believe their eyes,
    Believe their eyes, believe their eyes.
    The patrons could not believe their eyes,
    And fell upon the floor.

    Now that Dwarf owns the joint,
    Owns the joint, owns the joint.
    Now that Dwarf owns the joint,
    And dances evermore.

    "Thank you thank you, I'll be here all week."

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    Cyren grins at Fleetwood and breaks into her own song:

    "Letitia has a large one, and so has cousin Luce.
    Eliza has a small one, though large enough for use.
    Beneath a soft and glossy curl, each Lass has one in front.
    To find it in an animal you at the tail must hunt.

    Hermaphrodites have none; Mermaids are minus, too.
    Nell Gwynn possessed a double share if books we read are true.
    It's used by all in Nuptial Bliss, in Carnal Pleasures found.
    Destroy it, Life becomes extinct, the world is but a sound.

    Lasciviousness here has its sources, Harlots its use apply.
    Without it Lust has never been, and even Love would die.
    Now tell me what this wonder is, but pause before you guess it.
    If you are mother, maid, or man, I swear you don't possess it."

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    "Ah, Lady Cyren, rhyme very well you do.
    But unlike the bearded Dwarves, we Halflings have a clue.
    We teach our younglings logic, since their stature is but small,
    Using their powerful brains the wee folk thus seem tall.
    So please don't be shocked when your riddle's answer I would tell,
    The secret of your ryhme is the simple letter L."

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    Cyren grins and raises a glass to Fleetwood and starts a round of "Old Time Religion"

    Gimme that old time religion,
    Gimme that old time religion,
    Gimme that old time religion,
    It's good enough for me!

    We will worship like the Druids,
    Drinking strange fermented fluids,
    Running naked through the woo-ids,
    Coz that's good enough for me!

    Now there was this wizard, Merlin,
    Really kept the world a-twirlin'
    'Til he got mixed up in girlin'
    But he's good enough for me!

    Wrap your sacrifice in wicker
    It will make the flames burn quicker
    Tho the smell makes some folks sicker
    It's still good enough for me!

    Shall we sing a verse for Thor,
    Though he leaves the maidens sore?
    They always come back for more,
    So he's good enough for me!

    If you think religion's awful
    And you've really had your craw full
    Just be sure your acts are lawful
    Or they'll -all- be after thee!

    Gimme that old time religion,
    Gimme that old time religion,
    Gimme that old time religion,
    It's good enough for me!

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