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Thread: Put'tin on the Ritz

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    All the ruckus finally awakens the lil knight from her nap, she sits up and rubs her eyes, lower lip trembling as she tries to figure out where she is. An observer would have seen her visibly collect herself, muttering to herself 'big girl knights do not cry'. Her curiousity gets the better of her and she clambers upon the wall beside her.

    "HEY!! Misser Arbocky!! Whatcha doin' there? Issat lunch? Issit lunchtime? Can I have some, can I can I can I, huh? Issat wine? Momma lets me have wine, can I have summa yers? Puhlllllleeeease? Pretty please?", she smiles what she thinks is her cutest, most angelic smile, then hops up and down, afraid that Arboc hasn't heard her entreaty. "MISSER ARBOCKY!!! OVER HERE!!!"

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    “I will send for you when I’m ready, Milady!” Arboc shouts at the departing LadyChina. As the swamp witch walks away, Arboc’s concentration is broken by the sound of a child. The mighty Knight begins to look around, he finally sees a small little girl, dressed in a Knight’s armor, approaching him. Arboc keeps his sword at ready. Is this truly a child? Or is it another one of LadyChina’s tricks. “Hold child!!!” He yells. Arboc points his blade at the little knight and with a cold emotionless stare. “Who are you? What are you doing here? And what do you want? Speak quickly!!”

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    The lil knight stops dead in her tracks, her hands on her hips as she looks sternly at the much larger knight. Her hands quickly draw her wooden sword to ready, her childish attempts at painting blood on the blade glint in the afternoon sun.

    "Misser Arbocky!! I'm just Lishler, an' I wanna grow up to be a BIG knight like you! I don't know nuffin about no lady china, and I don't want no girlie dishes anyway!", she exclaims as she gets into the fighting stance she's practiced in the inn, screwing up her face in her best Calvin-like fierce look. "But if'n ya wanna fight, I'm not skeered o' you! En gardeeeee!"

    Waiting patiently for the knight to charge, the little girl continues to keep up her blustery front while praying to all the gods she knows that he will not charge.

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    Arboc stares intently at the child knight for almost a minute. Arboc, the man who slain a thousand enemies. A man, who the devil himself wouldn’t challenge, is now confronted by a little girl dressed in tin armor and holding a wooden sword. The tenacity of this pint size-wanna-be hero strikes the mighty Knight really damn funny. He can no longer hold his composure and bursts out laughing. It must have more then twenty years since Arboc laughed like this. After a minute or so, Arboc regains his composure. “Forgive Milady Lishler. I didn’t realize how fierce of an opponent you were. It would be a pleasure to share my humble meal with great knight such as yourself. Please put down your weapon and join me.” Arboc bows to the little girl and motions her to the table under the willow tree. “Come child, sit.” Arboc returns his sword to its sheath and hold the chair for Lishler. The little knight sits in the velvet chair and Arboc pushes the chair toward the table. He then walks to the other side and sits down opposite of her. “So your hungry you say? I hope you like pheasant, because that’s what we’re having, but first, some spinach salad.” Arboc places a small plate of fresh spinach on the table in front of the little knight. “Eat this first then we’ll start on the main course.”

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    "Fank you, Misser Arbocky!" the lil girl clambers up into the seat and sits way back, then scoots back up so her feet dangle off. "Spinach is good, momma says that spinach will make me grow up ta be a big strong knight, so I eats LOTSA spinach! But, ummmmm... peasant? Ima harmonica, so I'm not supposeta eat people...", her voice trailing off as she looks at the grown up doubtfully.

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    Arboc rolls his eyes and shakes his head at the little knight. "No child, we're have FEZ-Ant not PEZ-ANT. Pheasant, it's a type of big chicken." The mighty Knight pours himself a glass of wine. "your mother is right, spinach is very good for growing knights. All green vegetables are good for knights, no matter their age or size. But little knights don't drink wine, ever. He're some water, it's better for you." Arboc proceeds to fill Lishler's goblet with fresh water. "So little one, how did you ever get out here? This is not a safe place for children to be without their parents."

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    The child looks a bit abashed, and takes a deep breath, "Well... Unca Slikkers came back, and he gave me sumpin shiny that I thought musta been chocolate, an' I was so excited that I ran ta show Puppy, and Puppy got all excited and hopped up onna table, so I started running around an' I think we were noisy an momma looked like she was getting mad an' so I runned outside with Puppy and ran as far as I could so momma couldn't get mad at me an' Puppy and I ate chocolate an an an.... I musta falled asleep!"

    She pushes her spinach plate back towards Arboc "Fez-ants? Ants wearing funny hats?? That still doesn't sound verra tasty..."

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    Arboc responded, "Well everything here on this table is very tasty. If it wasn't, Do you think I would an ant with a funny hat on?" Arboc proceeds to eat his salad. "After we eat, I'll take you back to your mother. Remember, a good knight does not run away from her parents. A good knight will take her punishment if she's been naughty. It teaches right from wrong."

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    <puppy is TIRED! He has been following the YUMMY smells for HOURS. Well puppy doesn't know what an hour is, but the hot spot in the sky went from almost straight above to almost half way down. He has heard the word HOURS from yelling MAD people. Puppy isn't DEAF. Why would anybody want to yell at puppy that they "will take the bone he took and beat him with it for HOURS?" WHY!? The man had ALOT of bones. He could SHARE. SHARING is fun! For others. Puppy doesn't share. Puppy digs a hole and buries his extras. GREAT FUN!>

    Oh! Just ahead. FOOD! Little friendly person! YUMMY.

    <puppy BARKS!>


    <runs to the little knight, leaps, and lands in her lap, and then in her plate>


    <tail wagging>

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    "I see we have an univited guess little knight." The mighty Knight says as he starts a stare down contest with a little fuzz ball seated across the table from him. Arboc picks up his butter knife and says in a very sarcastic tone, "Shall I dispose it? It would be no problem, one quick flick of the wrist and, no more intruder. What do you want to do with this beast?"

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