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Thread: Spinner Kendro's story time...

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    Lord Soth is a flaming skull with pinpoints of light for eyes dressed in old-fashioned plate armor riding a nightmare and commanding Abyssal legions.

    Vader got his fool-ass-legs cut off, set on fire, teabagged by Obi Wan Kenobie, got his death star blowed up under his nose, got his Super star destroyer wiped out by a single snub-nosed fighter crashing into the winshield, and his hand cut off not once, but TWICE.

    Lord Soth is insulted by the comparison.

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    We all know that before Vader became a bad arse bucket head, he was a selfish whiney you know what. What do we know about Lord Soth before he went bucket head? Am I thinkin of another story or didn't pre-Lord Soth have somethin to do with his wifes death? Oh, and wasn't he a Knight of Solamniaically...

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    If memory serves me correctly, Lord Soth was a powerful paladin and Knight of Solomnia in pre-Cataclysm Krynn.

    He had a fling with an elven woman while married which lost him his paladin status. Paladine sent him a vision that Krynn would be hit by the Cataclysm but he could prevent it if he went to the Kingpriest of Istar and smacked some sense into him.

    He was on his way to do that but turned back to get some more of that elven booty.

    Krynn gets nuked, his wife dies, and his elven hottie burns down the house (with them inside) because of her shame.

    Net result: She becomes a banshee, he becomes the first Death Knight and he is cursed to listen to her sing every night about how big an asshole he is.

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