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Thread: Send out Messengers in all directions!

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    Send out Messengers in all directions!

    I am seeking news of BloodCelt. If any of you who read this have new please relay it to me at once via messenger. I know my old friend is probably locked in combat somewhere in a realm faraway. But any news you might have of him would be much appreciated. I notice he hasn't posted to Facebook since October and hasnt been Yserbius Facebook page since last summer either. Perhaps all is well but would like to hear news of him regardless. Thanks all Slohand

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    I just tried letting him know that you're looking for him asap.


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    Thanks for putting the bloodhounds on the trail for me Velvet, Darrin got in touch. Hope all is well with you.

    P.S. Bumped your user title to Senior Member. You have earned it after nearly 7 years

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