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Thread: Anyone want to play WoW again?

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    Cool Anyone want to play WoW again?

    Start a new Character on Bleeding Hollow Alliance and lets slay the Horde! lol

    My Warrior is looking for a few good friends to adventure with. Join Tater and a couple others. If you do not want to roll a new one and have an old you want to transfer thats good too. See you soon.

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    Tempting, oh so tempting....

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    Oh you know you can't resist it hehe,. "For the Horde!! errr Alliance!!!"

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    I haven't played WoW for a while now.. currently OCD with SW:TOR

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    Started playing my Pally again (75 now) been long time keeping my Warrior on Raids when they are not locked for me. Doing Justice and Valor point and Conquest point grinds as i can. I have to take off this week though to study for my Practical test (checkride) for Private Pilot so Its all good! Hi Lady B. how have you been?

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    Never got attached to WoW. I instantly hated that my Drow looked (I thought) like a bunny rabbit.

    Shallow, I know


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    So i been playing my Druid on WOW with Tater's Hunter and his cat Tots lol I like the Druid, I also have a DPS Warrior that i am trying to get better geared for Raids, ilvl currently is 383 he is getting there. Just out having some fun.

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    I might start my account back up just to play a little bit with you guys. You still playing WoW? How many TSNers are with ya?

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    i mite play again but need to reenstall it

    ow what ver is the server ive forgoten
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