We used to have a question and answer security protocol in place for new signups. Meaning you had to either know your stuff about Yserbius, know someone who knows someone, or have the wherewithall to contact and ask for assistance.

This method worked 100% of time keeping spammers out. We think it was perhaps to tough of a firewall so we are on trial basis of allowing normal signups. All new signups especially the ones where the users doesn't immediately post a relevant post regarding gaming, Yserbius etc, are placed in a temporary user group. One without many privileges. This prevents the spammers from using a known technique of signing up allot of usernames letting them sleep them come back latter and devastate the board with tons of spam.

If you signup and do not immediately post a relevant post. You will be assigned to this group. To return to normal register user status. You will have to send a email to slohand @ yserbius dot org to be reinstated.

If you post spam, place UN relevant links in your signature you will be deleted, banned, or have your lights shut off at your home. or all of the above. Please lets keep the posting about Yserbius, gaming, and role play.

Don't want to be a dick about and the real regular users of the board know i am not. I am looking to protect all of our users here from spammers, bots, and people who would try to lessen our enjoyment.

Have fun all and if some of you end up in jail and do not belong there. I hope you will make the effort to contact us so we can get you out and welcome you to the community. have fun