Hello there, everyone. Dentarg here, been a member of the forums for quite a few years, but hardly ever really post anything. Still play Yserbius in between looking for a job and working contract jobs here.

I've been on INN Revival on and off for the last year or so again, working up my characters. (My strongest being Reginald Hangif, a Level 32 Human Cleric of Harmony) I've invited a few of my friends over as well, and will likely have a few more showing up too.

My friends and I were also looking at the current Walkthrough (Though not using it) and thought that it needed to be re-constructed. What my friends and I are attempting to do is build a resource for Yserbius (And eventually Twinion and Cawdor if we get to them) to have not only a walkthrough, but hopefully have some stats on equipment and such since I have not been able to find anything on those either.

We're playing pretty regularly now, with things having settled down in my personal life a bit and my friends wanting to play together on Yserbius to explore deeper into Yserbius to find Arnakkian's Palace and eventually En-Li-Kil.

I will further introduce myself as time permits, as I have quite a background with Yserbius (At least from what I can remember, I was quite young at the time.)

Looking forward to chatting and getting to know people still among the community.

Last bit of information here, back when the Imagination Network was up, my parents used to be pretty big in Yserbius, my mother known as Sinfyl and my father as Sinjin (Or Sinlord, or The Mighty Oak as he also mentions). They no longer play, but still have fond memories of Yserbius and still consider it the birthing place of their character backgrounds.

Kind Regards,

Dentarg (Known as Reginald Hangif on the Isle of Twinion.)