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Thread: Yserbius.Org Back online

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    Cool Yserbius.Org Back online

    Well as you can see I managed to get Yserbius website back online. I finally had time to find and remove the hack and restore as well as update the software to prevent it from happening the same way again. Been a busy summer for me, I decided to change jobs so i set off for Pennsylvania, sold my horse farm in Minnesota and bought a home in PA. So my summer has been moving, fixing all the little things about the home i want different and enjoying the pool when I can.

    I do hope everyone's summer has been going great. Its August 1st people and another year is almost gone. How has everyone been? and what have you Lords and Ladies, Knights, Barbarians, Alliance and Horde been up to?

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    Hey Hey. Just living the dream and all that. Working, playing, wishing summer wasn't so short. Got a lil boat for the area lakes, doing some outdoor things. Playing Rift, on Wolfsbane shard if anyone is playing or wants to play, just look me up. Dagdia is the toon i've been playing most but also have Gavyndel, Facrosy, and Tuirenn. guild i'm in is Hand Of reckoning. I like the game. hope to see you there.

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    yer Rift is a good game great options and all but it locks my system up after 10 minits play time

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    Nice to see the site back up again. Will be checking in to see what everyone is up to.

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