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Thread: Calling All Yserbians!!!

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    I never played Yserbius; but, I really enjoyed playing Empiriana. Miss it too. *sniff*

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    Quote Originally Posted by elnwood View Post

    Has anyone gotten INNrevival to work recently?
    Nope. It's been down for six months plus ...

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    I didn't play Yserbius, but I was on INN back in the day

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    kapow! Alive and fairly well. Was playing Rift, haven't touched much of anything lately though. Trying to find somewhere to land again but haven't had much desire or haven't found the right tavern maybe!!

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    I am still around and I am still kicking although I have not really played in a while. I guess I am should really get back to it as it would probably be all new to me by now LOL! I think I still have all my old notes. Isn't that shameful? I am probably spending too much time on my photography lately and bicycling.

    Looks like I also lost status from a King to a Squire in my absence LOL! Oh Well!

    I hope all are well.


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    I would kill to play Yserbius again. I mostly play SWTOR right now although honestly, I think the older MMO's like Yserbius and NWN from AOL were far superior to any MMO we have now. Makes me sad. I really miss the old days.

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    Okay... somebody woke me up from my nap. This better be important.

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    Up and running! Currently obsessed with Bioware games primarily, but I have to wait for Andromeda, so in the meantime there's WoW and Fallout 4. Still with SnowWolfe, who I met in the yes, to say the place was one of my favorites would be an understatement.

    I even see some names I know!


    Hope everyone's doing well

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    Here :)

    I've not played in a while, but I am still around!
    When do most people play? I'm in the Eastern time zone.
    I need to download the emulator again I idea where it is. It's not on this laptop, I know.

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    good morning everyone. Thanks for dropping by and checking in. Was browsing the old post and got to wondering who was still around. haven't heard from RainStorm or Bloodcelt yet anyone know how to reach them? I been busy too. was playing Wow for a bit. I have had several request for the UO server back up. I have it on a server in my house will work on getting it restarted next week. Need to get Tiger to drop by now. If you guys know anyone that has not checked in please let them know to do so. I had 311 email addresses kicked back for not a valid email address, would like to keep us together as much as possible. we are getting fewer and fewer have a incredible day everyone, its windy as heck here in the Pittsburgh area. Slohand

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