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Thread: Star Citizen anyone?

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    Star Citizen anyone?

    Is anyone out playing around with Star Citizen yet? still in development, crowd funded, but have raised 100mill about now. Going to be a awesome game I think. The level of detail and intricacy i have never seen before in a MMO.
    Bought me a few ships already, only a few of them are available now to play with, but i have a feeling once the game goes live those same ships will be EXPENSIVE as heck to purchase in game.

    Reply to this thread and lets talk Star Citizen!

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    I watched a few videos on youtube and can't really see the point/plot, granted I had the audio muted at the time. I saw a lot of space travel and some walking around...

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    turn the sound up Right now it is the very early stages, a few of the ships are in game and playable. there is a Persistent World in Beta, and it is opening up to more rather quickly. Could be open within a couple weeks. The Baby PU as they are currently calling is just that and is no where near as large as it will eventually be. I am interested in it mainly because it crowdfunded over 100mill and is being developed by Chris Roberts of UO, WingMan Fame to name a couple titles on his resume. I spent a little money up front and have a few nice ships waiting in my hanger for Baby PU. Friend of mine is going to be a Drug Lord lol will be fun. Check it out for more details

    If you do Enlist use my refferal Code and you will receive 5000 in game credits as opposed to 1000. The code is


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    I'll give it a shot. Thanks!

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    I'm in Star Citizen with 3 ships. I am a member of The Older Gamers org in the game...we have 100's of ships to date. Some members have spent $1000's USD on the rich for my blood.

    My system is too old and my internet connection is too slow to actually enjoy the game. Just walking around in my hanger is an "animated slideshow" at this time. I tried Arena Commander but can't get past the 3rd wave due to lag (system and ISP). SO currently it remains a game I update but not much else.


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