The ImagiNation Network Revival Project is dead as a doornail for so many countless months now as I knew it would be eventually because the source was never openly shared as it was talked about early in the project. So I went looking through my archives for the dos offline edition of Yserbius, but before I found it I ran into this site hosting and running dos games right from your browser using dosbox server side. Thought it was cute, worked 100% for me in Chrome and the ads on the site where few & non-evasive . The next time (IF EVER ) someone asks about "Cano" life you can tell your stories of good times and people and direct them to the links below to try out the games solo without the hassle of finding files or setting up dosbox. All three Cano games are there to play:

Shadow of Yserbius
Fates of Twinion
Ruins of Cawdor