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Thread: Yserbius file format documentation

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    Spent two hours deciphering Resource.038, which is 256 item data entries. Each entry consists of an item name and 20 data fields - I've figured out 16 of the data fields, but have no idea what the other four are. After the bar, I'd like to sit down with a veteran and discuss the values I'm seeing. I'm sure someone who knows more about the game than I do would have a better idea what they might mean.

    I really should be spending more time studying. Back to reviewing torts.

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    Posted a human-readable spreadsheet of all the item data in Resource.038 to my github:

    I'm close to 100% sure that I have 14 of the data fields figured out. Two more, I'm about 80% sure I'm right. Four more, I have very little idea. Take a look and let me know what you think!

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    Just a quick note - I do intend to return to this project, but with just a month left before the bar, I have to knuckle down. Hopefully I'll catch some of you in the interim.

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    Uploaded initial statistics and added statistics per level to Like most other data I've uploaded, I don't recognize all the data fields, but I do recognize quite a few.

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    So much for studying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reonis View Post
    So much for studying.
    Hahaha! Appearances to the contrary, I only stop to play with Yserbius when I'm too tired to property reason how Blackacre should devise.

    Another breakthrough today - I deciphered the character progression resource file. I now have enough information to replicate the entire character building / level up portion of the game. I also posted what I've figured out for the spell and skill files.

    I appreciate your checking in Reonis. Good to hear at least one other voice on this board!

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    Ripped all the strings out of the game. Every last one of them. Like everything else, posted to

    I'm almost done ripping all the data in the game. I still need to:
    Parse the monster data.
    Parse the item data.
    Parse the spell data.
    Parse the skill data.
    Parse the anim_seq file.
    Identify the random encounter data <--- possibly the 34x32 shorts at the end of Resource.036. Not sure.
    Identify or recreate the formulas used to calculate chance to hit, damage, and resistance.

    ... and I think that would be everything!
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    Completed ripping the last bits of data in the game today!

    I'm leaving these links here in case any one wants to take a swing at figuring out what the values are:
    Monster data
    Item data
    Spell data
    Skill data
    Random encounter data (?)

    Once these data fields are identified,it would be super easy to put together a combat simulator, where we could test various iterations of the combat-related formulas.

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    Spent an hour last night trying to figure out what the values in Resource.036 represented. While I know that the file itself represents the monster / encounter data, the individual values don't make sense. So I decided to edit Resource.036 and run the game with custom monsters. But the game rigorously checks each of its Resource files each time the player enters the cano or changes maps; editing a file results in a 'Version control' error.

    Not to be thwarted, I decompiled the ysbox executable (using IDA Pro), located the offending version checking routine (this took three hours), and edited it so that the routine succeeds regardless of the integrity of the resource files (deciphering x86 opcodes using and modifying the exe with a simple hex editor).

    In summary, I now control every statistic that a monster can possibly have, and have thus taken another step towards figuring out the monster data format and yserbius combat formulas. I've already figured out the fields for Strength, Defense, Dexterity, PhysicalAttackReduction, and MagicalAttackReduction. And I'm sure I could use similar techniques to edit and decipher the item data format!
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    A quick personal update: I passed the bar (back in Summer 2016)! The intervening years have been a blur. Do you ever get the sense that time is speeding up?

    I picked up this project again last month. Since then, I've deciphered the remaining item data, skill and spell data, and made more progress on the monster data. I've also transcoded the map script files from 16-bit x86 overlays to c# code. You can view the transcoded dungeon entrance script file here. n.b. I admit the code is ugly, but it's machine-based transcoding, not done by hand!

    My inspiration to continue looking at this game data comes from my love of Yserbius. The game was fun, but my fondest memories of that old platform are of the community. Most everyone was positive, helpful, and affirming. I'd like there to be a way to replicate that place, and make it accessible in a modern way.

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