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Thread: Yserbius.Org 12 year Anniversary

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    Yserbius.Org 12 year Anniversary

    Yserbius.Org, went online 12 years ago. Amazing that its been around so long. Amazing that when you type Yserbius on a google search page that is usually the first or second link on the search page.

    The laughs i have had here, the sadness i have felt at the passing of long ago friends. The quietness that echoed in these halls for the last few years. I do miss Yserbius, I do miss my friends.

    Here I remain a light in the window for Yserbians everywhere, who eventually find their way here,if only for moment.

    though I have no intent of going anywhere, should the day come and you find this site no longer here then you will know that I am no longer here. If you can on that day pick up that torch and carry it until your time is done, this i would ask.

    For now let's celebrate what was and what is and what will be. The innocence of the new world we ventured into, going online, is now old hat to us all. We were there first though never let that be diminished. We were there fighting, swinging our swords, throwing back ales in the taverns laughing with our friends and building relationships that have lasted 25 years.

    Cheers Yserbians, my friends. Slo

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    "We were there first though never let that be diminished."

    damn, you are right.

    well said all of the above.

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    Hey Annul, how goes the battle? Was a great weekend for me. Gaming any? ?? I havent had anything decent in a while to play. i play a few steam games nothing special, would like to see Star Citizen make it. will see.

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    Thanks for keeping the lights on, slohand!

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    Ditto! -)


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