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    New direction

    So i have been thinking of taking the website in a new direction. Making it more of a open community website than one solely for Yserbius. While it will never be a facebook, i am thinking it could be a great hangout for people to discuss a few common interest. for instance i am a big TV fan these days. with the advent of streaming and streaming entire seasons or shows that were long ago finished on prime time. Then there is cult shows like Walking Dead, Game of thrones, outlander etc.!!

    So I digress..... Maybe a section on Comics I am a DC fan,,, Sgt Rock, Unknown Soldier, older stuff. Drones you say? i fly drones and would love to have a section to discuss all things dronish. Any other ideas? Shoot me a Pm would love to add some new and interesting topics to the site. Photography? Art? Technology? Ideas people.

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    The Hey-day of Forums is over. I do belong to one forum to which I post a lot ( but it is mostly limited to gaming and is Oceanic-Region in scope.

    I wouldn't mind posting here more often and I'll probably do so going forward. I like to talk a lot it seems! -)

    This forum is just like other forums I've used... Codemasters' (closed their threads, I left), Stratics (changed hands and I would leave, rediscover it and post, change hands again, rinse&repeat), Fringe Forums (which covered a lot of SciFi/Fantasy tv shows...and it eventually died), etc. People leave and content dries up.

    Hopefully with newer postings, this can be revived (re-hydrated?!) again. -)


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    I haven’t been doing much, kind of waiting on Star Citizen, taking years for a playable game. Keep this old site up so people can drop and check in. 12 years now it’s been online. Quiet a while. Watching Jack Ryan series on prime right now

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