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Thread: the wet spot

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    Cyren assembles smores and passes them around along with mugs of hot chocolate with some rum.

    She curls her legs up and starts nibbling at the edges of a s'more, giggling.

    "Clowns scare me. Always have. Creepy."

    She shudders

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    "hey dar,, you got me thong on" yelling at pennywise the clown,"This be terrible dat clown gots me thong on!!"

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    <looks at Tater>

    What kind of clown wears a thong?! Well.. frankly.. what kind of dwarf.. err nevermind, anyway.. I'm sure he don't got your thong! Now cover yourself up man! lol

    <Shoe takes the mug from Cyren, smiling>

    Ooh scary clowns, yah.. they be the worst. almost as scary as Tater here hehehe. <ducks>

    <takes a sip>

    Ahh, now thats's the good stuff! So.. who's next..

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    "Oooh! A dinosaur! I want a dinosaur. And...and can there be! With the voices. Pleeease do the voices!"

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    "Vampires wearing Red Thongs now dat be scaries!! I can justa sees it now... "I gonnaaaa suck yerv blod, but first let me shake me money makers!!" or "I am gonna suck yer blood , but first first,, I just saved alot of money by switchin,, errrrr wrongs story,,, I am gonna suck yer blood , do you think this thong makes me butt look big?"

    *Tater the non descipt naked dwarf pads across to the inn and returns with a glass of milk.*

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    <Staggers down from the loft>
    Morning all! Whatcha all doing? Ahh... ghost stories...
    So Carol Anne and Pennywise are traveling down the path. Suddenly the wind picks up and rain bursts from the clouds. Pennywise considers offering his gaint red afro wig to CA for shelter from the driving rain. BUT, he remembers what's hidden underneath...
    To their delight, they happen upon a deserted house...

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    "OooooOOOOoooh...what was in the house...what was in the house?"

    "I'm scared!"

    Cyren grabs a quilt and hides underneath it and peeks out a little

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    With just the thought of escaping the pouring rain, CA makes a dash to the house. A thunderclap for a moment makes night into day. Poor CA in her haste doesn't see the briefly exposed figure in the upstairs window. Pennywise on the otherhand spies the figure. An evil grin spreads across his face. "Time to play little girl muh ha ha ha!".

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    "DOnt go in that dar huse......I seen this one before!!! its always the big brested dwarf blondes that gets kilt!! donts go in theres it be a waste i tell ya a definited wastE!!! sides that dare clown gut me thong on, I says we wait outside tills he comes out thens we jump him!!"

    *Eager non descript naked dwark starts reaching for his axe*

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    "Look out for trap doors! And hooks! And...and...and you know, sometimes there are Japanese ghosts. I don't know why, but lately there are just Japanese ghosts everywhere. They do get around."

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